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Tiger Woods was driving at ’excessive speed’ at time of crash, police say

Tiger Woods was driving at ’excessive speed’ at time of crash, police say

The police have revealed that Tiger Woods was driving at ’excessive speed’ when he crashed his car in Los Angeles in the month of February. Woods’ car was traveling at upwards of 87mph in a 45mph zone. The golfer subsequently careered into a tree, having possibly hit the accelerator instead of the brake. The police did not seek access to his phone, or a warrant for a blood sample.

Tom A
Tom A
James 1 weeks

Not seeking access to his phone or doing a blood test smacks of privilege. If he was driving at the posted speed limit and accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, there is no way he would double his speed (45mph to 87mph) without knowing and taking corrective action. This reeks of a cover up by smitten officers.

Cheryl 1 weeks

Right. Have you ever gunned the gas when you meant to brake? In this day and age, isn't it more likely distracted driving was in play and he wasn't able to react until too late (no evidence of braking)?

Rick 1 weeks

Must be nice to have privilege. If it were any of us common folk, they would’ve searched all our stuff and drew our blood!!

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

For like 2 seconds i thought this was about his golf swing.

Patty 1 weeks

BUT won't be charged

Nickel 1 weeks

87 in a 45 mile-an-hour Zone how about a speeding ticket oh he is privileged

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

I always drive 80 to 85 it's not excessive over 100 I can give you. But they must smear black man that likes orange man

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