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Vandals deface ancient Native American site in Georgia forest

Vandals deface ancient Native American site in Georgia forest

Vandals defaced an ancient site of carved boulders and rock formations in a Georgia forest with paint and deep scratches. The site has long been sacred to Native Americans. The boulders are part of the protected Track Rock Gap site in Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, which covers over 800,000 acres. Native Americans made the 100-plus figure carvings called petroglyphs in precolonial times.

Doctor WarpSpeed
Doctor WarpSpeed 1 weeks

Shameful behavior, the reason they stop allowing people to visit historic sites. I live in a state with alot of really cool ancient cliff dwellings, runes and artwork. Many are not protected, if you know where they are you can go. People take it upon themselves to graffiti things, knock over 1000 year old brick walls, leave tons of trash. These kind of people are garbage. Really makes me mad.

Dave 1 weeks

5 boulders were scratched up and 2 had paint like "someone hearts someone" and a ladybird. The paint they should be able to wash off, but the scratches are permanent. I'm sure they'll catch who did it, because whoever did is definitely stupid enough to have posted it on Facebook and someone will have seen it.

Fareem 1 weeks

they covered up that 1000 year old graffiti with additional petrographic graffiti. I mean it is inexcusable bad behavior, but nothing of any real value was lost. A rock no one knew about is now graffitied with more recent graffiti.

Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue 1 weeks

I'm so sick of seeing history being defaced and destroyed. I'm sad about the statues that have destroyed over the past year by rioters, and now I'm sad about these cave paintings. I hope those involved in both situation get found out eventually, and are held accountable for their disgusting actions.

Michael 1 weeks

So many people seem determined for this to be yet another issue to turn political and fight over. Can we not just agree as a society that vandalism is wrong? Does everything have to be political now?!

Indo 1 weeks

The same mental menaces that did similar to Afghan relics. Seems, any way you look at it, vandals like these are no different wherever they be. And laws shouldn't have any difficulties to control them. But !!

Seekster 1 weeks

Whether its buddha statues, Confederate statues or something like this it doesn't matter. Vandals of history ought to be shot twice.

David 1 weeks

I'm surprised it wasn't defaced with advertising. This petroglyph is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Randy 1 weeks

Is the headline photo the "before" or "after" picture?

a commoner
a commoner 1 weeks

My money is on an idiot did it

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Leftist cancer cancel culture spares NOTHING

John W
John W 1 weeks

They destroyed history because those drawing were racist.

Glen 1 weeks

Wow, nothing is sacred anymore. Cancel culture is destroying our history. Demacrats seem to approve. So I guess its OK, right?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 weeks

They were intentionally racist and had to be destroyed. Just ask the cancel culture media.

dano 1 weeks

Repubiqanons COVIDiots were the likely culprits

Patty 1 weeks


Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 weeks

Ironically the morons who did this would probably object to ISIS pulling down statues in the Middle East without understanding they are behaving the same.

Nicole 1 weeks

These guys are no better than the Taliban who destroyed the statues of Banyan!

Wesley Bauer
Wesley Bauer 1 weeks

So sad.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 1 weeks

There is no reason for this!

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