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Harmful offline behavior to be included in Twitch’s rules against hate and abuse

Harmful offline behavior to be included in Twitch’s rules against hate and abuse

Streamers on Twitch will be held to a higher standard by the live streaming platform. The company is set to expand its hate and harassment policy. With the expansion, more kinds of bad behavior will be included in its rules and breaking them could cause the streamer being banned from the service. Offences even away from the streaming service have been included in the new expansion.

Milkshake 6 days

"The company will also continue to evaluate off-platform behavior in cases that happen on Twitch, like an on-stream situation that leads to harassment on Twitter or Facebook." No it won't. When it comes to twitter radical transgenders and radical feminists organizing their 100-people-bubble groups to phone harass employment places and friends of targets for days upon days as part of the Twitter cancel culture tactic to cancel someone's social and employment life by attacking everyone around them, because they are welfare leeches or trust fund kiddies who have more free time than children during school leave and also chock full of mental illness, Twitch won't do a damn thing because they love harassment so long as it comes from a particular group of the "correct" labels. Also this platform has ceased being a video game platform and has become chaturbate to put it mildly, and Twitch isn't even consistent about that.

jon 5 days

From the same sc*mbag$ who brought you "making workers pee in bottles" and "ganging up to deplatform the competition" 🙄

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 5 days

Honestly, it's like a Sci-Fi style distopia is comping true, with the true rulers of the world not being elected governments but corporations. I'm just waiting for the Judges on their bikes to dispense justice... "Spicy meme distribution, iso-cubes, 3 months!"

Ellen 3 days

The simple answer. Don’t use Twitch.

Joshua 6 days

And another business falls to PC culture

Phoenix 6 days

Delete Twitch.

Archaeologistic 2 days

Delete Twitch? No thanks.

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