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Biden willing to negotiate with companies before hiking corporate tax

Biden willing to negotiate with companies before hiking corporate tax

The US commerce secretary, Gina Raimondo, said President Joe Biden is willing to negotiate on his push to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% to pay for the $2.25 trillion ’American Jobs Plan.’ While briefing reporters, Raimondo said, ’There is room for compromise. That is clear.’ She also asked American corporations not to walk away if they didn’t like a 28% hike. She termed it as ’unacceptable.’

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 weeks

Don't hike taxes. Go to the IRS and close the loopholes. It is that easy. They don't want to tax the actual rich that paid so much money to democrat campaigns

Braindead 1 weeks

Wow get ready people for your taxes to go thru the roof. Tell everyone thank you Sloppy Joe and commies for killing American economy (go back to work American) get off the free train. You democrats always feed into FREE STUFF!!! It's not free the American taxpayers is flipping the bill for democrats and billionaires to stay in power and screw us all. We need TRUMP BACK NOW!!!!

Seekster 1 weeks

We are spending too much and paying too little. We can't afford social security and medicare as it is.

Daniel 1 weeks

Also known as the 'pay off/bribe' period before legislation is passed. Hunter will likely be getting tons of job offers.

michael 1 weeks

Top marginal corporate tax rate has been as high as 90%, and it has never been an obstacle to economic growth. Mcconnell is right, corporations need to get out of politics.

Burger 1 weeks

A rate increase on companies that pay no taxes doesn’t help. They need to start closing loopholes.

Andrew 1 weeks

Jesus Guys, I don't even want to hear about it. I'm Canadian and you have NO IDEA what high taxes are.

JakeN 1 weeks

America is the one country where under taxed companies and people shout for less taxes. Taxes go right back to the people, I don't understand why everyone hates them so much since they ALWAYS directly or indirectly benefit from higher taxes.

Trevelyn 1 weeks

Sounds boarder line like blackmail .

Jellybean 1 weeks

Bend knee and kiss the ring, we will consider your little problem, says Biden

TyoMad 1 weeks

Isn't this extortion?

chris 1 weeks

We are all over taxed, stop spending our money.

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