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Two separate shootings in Detroit leave 2 dead, 5 wounded

Two separate shootings in Detroit leave 2 dead, 5 wounded

Detroit saw two separate shooting incidents. In the first shooting, one man was killed, and two women were injured in the city’s eastside. No arrest has been made so far. In the second, which happened in the city’s westside, three men were shot, in which a 24-year-old was killed and two men – 22 and 43 – were injured. The younger man is in a critical state. A 64-year-old suspect is in custody.

Tiktator 1 weeks

Oh now they wanna talk about detroit shootings. Gotta keep that narrative alive to get people to accept loosing more rights

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

The 4th strictest guns laws in the country it's like criminals don't seem to follow the law.

Jon 1 weeks

Oh NOW they want to notice Detroit. Tell me, when was the last time conservatives held sway over Detroit? Whose policies have been shaping Detroit? Let's take a close look, shall we? *sound of MSM closing down the narrative on Detroit*

Jordan 1 weeks

Everytime someone uses a gun we will hear about it now. And a 65 year old man shooting 20 year olds. Wonder what the 20 year olds did to prevoke it? Why doesnt it give more context? If they dont know it why not look into it before releasing these half cocked storries that just get droped later when they find something they dont like? My country isnt free anymore when we dont even have freedome of press anymore. Edited for gramer errors. Touch screens suck I miss my buttons.

Nickel 1 weeks

Well yeah it's a gang war it's a dangerous business to be in a drug gang you could get yourself killed and it helps the police off get some of the druggies off the street

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 weeks

64 year old suspect? Did those kids refuse to get off his lawn?

Wesley Bauer
Wesley Bauer 1 weeks

Some folks without thinking brains think we should have more guns..same geniuses think we need more drugs to solve our drug problems. Same idiocy

JustMy.02 1 weeks

I’m no expert, but I believe they call that “Wednesday” in Detroit.

JoeSchmo 1 weeks

Democratic stronghold; must be fake news

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