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Biden presiding over ’abuse of children’ at border, Texas Gov claims

Biden presiding over ’abuse of children’ at border, Texas Gov claims

Texas Republican Gov. Abbott demanded that the White House close the San Antonio Freeman Coliseum facility housing migrant children following allegations that some of them were being sexually assaulted. ’In short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare. The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children,’ Abbott. The DHS and Texas DFPS have received complaints of abuse.

O'Brien 1 weeks

As it stands right now you have Alex Jones doing more to protect these children than the alleged POTUS. Yes, Alex Jones.

a commoner
a commoner 1 weeks

You seem to forget that Trump had asylum seekers waiting outside the US while their applications were evaluated. If I remember correctly illegal border crossings were way down under Trump.

E N..
E N.. 1 weeks

The GOP didn't care about the health and safety of these children before trump lost. But since the responsibility is now someone elses', there's no hesitation in using them in so gross and dishonest a manner. It is deeply unpleasant but sadly not surprising.

Shono 1 weeks

Is anyone actually surprised? What did you think was going on? This is all about money and trafficking is a certain way some folks *you know who* make money. Where is the outcry from all those people mad about cages??? You don't actually care do you? Alex Jones cares and you call him crazy...Alex Jones was willing to stop a car of possible children smuggling today, one of the children who got out of the car appeared to be pregnant. How much longer are these hypocrites going to ignore the Reality?

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 1 weeks

Surge at the border is causing many issues right now. The Biden administration has enboldened this behavior from migrants.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

Aww miss me with this sudden caring about migrants after you put them in cages. Biden atleast treats them like humans. I wish he would just give them a path to citizenship.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Another reason NOT to invade this country. If they never invaded illegaly they'd be fine

shawn 1 weeks

The abuse of the children has been going on since trump was in office were was Abbott then? My opinion is DHS should be shut down. I guess it’s ok for people to rape and sexually abused children and who cares they are just people of colour. My opinion is rape and sexual assault of anyone should be punishable by death penalty. The same with people who protect them and allow it to continue.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

Beijing Biden's Black Shirt Communists and its CCP controlled Democrat party are the collective party of child trafficking and pedophilia. The three things at the core of the religious ideology of communism are: 1. Absolute tyrannical power by any means necessary; 2. Baby and child rape; 3. Cannibalism.

Seekster 1 weeks

The GOP is trying to score political points. The ones abusing children are those who try and illegally cross the southern border with their children (or someone elses children). Biden's rhetoric led to this crisis but accusing him of child abuse smacks of "kids in cages" hyperbole.

Braindead 1 weeks

Obama blame Bush for 8 years and now this POS is blaming Trump on how the border should be handle. Give me break these rich politicians have walls and security around the million dollar estates. WHY CANT WE HAVE A WALL AROUND OUR COUNTRY TO KEEP THE AMERICA SAFE!!!

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 1 weeks

You mean concentration camps and abuse go hand in hand. Weird.

Nickel 1 weeks

8 Yeah by know what are you going to do now you're abusing children thanks a lot

Outlaw 1 weeks

Biden didn't change anything. THAT is what he is guilty of right now. Now who was it that created the problem? Oh yeah... Trump.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

How can Democrats defend this worthless, spineless, corporate yesman?

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

Didn't care when it was Frump though did you brain ded hyp0cr1te?

Cooper 1 weeks

The immigration issues at our southern border is the result of our decades long foreign policy in Central America, and our extreme lack of leadership on mitigating the very real effects of climate change. Neither the GOP nor the DEMS are to blame specifically. Our profit-driven model of governing is the issue. Reagan's 80's GOP banged the drum of small government, insisting the private sector and free market could solve all our issues. This is wildly foolish, and the border crisis (amongst many) is proof. The private sector/free market survive on profitability. There's no profit in humanitarian or altruistic programs. The free market can not solve a border crisis, so due to a serious lack of experience and funding, our government is not armed with the skills to easily solve this issue.... Our government is stuck. How do they ask the private sector to solve the problem of their foreign policies? Trump tried, insisting he'd get the wall built, but he didn't...and no one was willing to give him more money to do it because EVERYONE knew it wouldn't solve the problem. Immigrants aren't the problem, they're result of our bigger problems: foreign policy & climate change. I'm willing to bet most cities in our country would accept 100's of new tax-paying citizens. The GOP hates the idea because most immigrants are likely to vote DEM. Sorry GOP, you lose again. Lastly, if the Texas governor is so staunchly concerned with the "crisis" in his state, where tf was he on the topic the last 4 years? No time for hypocrisy nor fake outrage.

scientist 1 weeks

I guess happy children smell better to him? *sniff sniff*

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks

I don’t remember the TX governor criticizing trump for abusing children by separating them from their parents. 🤔

Randall 1 weeks

And who is it that's abusing these children? They are in Texas, right? So, that tells me the governor of the state of Texas is responsible.

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