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UK launches new watchdog to keep an eye on Big Tech’s monopolistic behavior

UK launches new watchdog to keep an eye on Big Tech’s monopolistic behavior

The United Kingdom has announced the launch of a new agency that will police big technology companies, like Google and Facebook. Dubbed the Digital Markets Unit, which will work under the Competition and Markets Authority, the new agency will keep an eye on – what it said – the ’concentration of power among a small number of firms’ in the tech world that’s harming consumers and small businesses.

Eric 1 weeks

Everybody launches, studies, observes, complains..but nobody does a damn thing. Its like the responsibility to general public stops at that point. Change laws, drag folks into court, lock folks up, dissolve companies...anything, just do more than talk. Social media has made talk the new call to action standard.

James 1 weeks

Sounds like a high paying, cushy job that will periodically slap big techs' wrist (all with prior agreement) just for show to the masses.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 weeks

If they do ever impose any penalties, Biden will just recoup them through tariffs and funnel back to the tech companies through overpriced gov contracts.

ShadowDreik 1 weeks

So that’s spending over $700,000 per job, great return on investment. /s

geckouni 1 weeks

Watch each other’s back, good job.

Omega 1 weeks

Great idea! Because if there's one entity more trustworthy than social media, it's the government! /s

Seekster 1 weeks

Hopefully this goes somewhere. Social media sited are either publishers or platforms, they cannot be both.

Indo 1 weeks

Good. No, Great. At least somebody is taking efforts and not following the herds.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 1 weeks

Glasshouses government ...

Darknimbus3 1 weeks

A step forward, but they better have bite to their bark.

michael 1 weeks

Then TAX them.

EliteWizard407 1 weeks

Guess they don't like competition.

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