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Israel marks Holocaust Day with silence and sirens

Israel marks Holocaust Day with silence and sirens

In remembrance of the Holocaust’s Jewish victims, Israelis stood in silence for two minutes as sirens screamed across the Jewish state. Vehicles stopped wherever they were running, and pedestrians stood in place during the two minutes. The Nazis exterminated six million Jews in death camps in Germany and some of the countries, like Poland, they had occupied during the World War II.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks

Too bad there's no remembrance day for the many many millions that died in the holocausts to install socialism.

Evan 1 weeks

Never Forget History & "Rememberance Day" Anniversary of Holocaust's Innocent Victims.

Indo 1 weeks

A state of many tales. Even tales from the crypts.

Hdyusisok 1 weeks

A day of rembwrmance for the Israelis

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