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Armando Martinez 8 months
Wow, these shows are getting more and more realistic...

Aight Bradley 8 months
"equestrian game" you mean jousting?
Armando Martinez 8 months
Its 2 men racing toward each other on 800 lb animals while pointing sharp wooden sticks at each other. What could go wrong?
Aight Bradley 8 months
Horses weight more along the lines of 1000 lbs. Or even more if you've got a draft cross.

Avi Khait 8 months
As they said in the Medieval times: Safety third. Poor chap.

Jane W 8 months
'Tis but a flesh wound. But seriously thoughts with his family, terrible.

Druid Iceni 8 months
every medieval re-enactor knows the prize of their hobby like any form of contact sport. RIP

DKO 8 months
The pointy end should be away from your body. It's in the instructions manual!

Andre Gerard 8 months
Why are they re-enacting things that never happend on their territory in the first place?
U WOT M8 8 months
Cultural appropriation!!
Aight Bradley 8 months
For fun.
Lance 8 months
It's not cultural appropriation if it's white european descendants re-enacting white european contact sports. It's only cultural appropriation if anyone but white people do it. I like to think of this with the Idubbbztv line of thought when it comes to saying racist words. "Either it's all ok, or none of it is." My rendition is "either everyone can culturally appropriate, or nobody can."

John Connelly 8 months
Live by the swo- eh never mind.

Adam A. 8 months
I would be okay with this death. It's a good story at least, not like choking on a sandwich.
Jackie MOD 8 months
I wonder if he could get into Valhalla on that.

Illini Legatus 8 months
Freak accident. Rest in peace. Hope the family is getting all the help they need.

InsomniaNoir 8 months
Man named Lance could not be reached for comment.

SimonR 8 months

MightyMargulis 8 months
play stupid games
RebornZA 8 months
Two each their own.

chrisretusn 8 months
Rest in peace. From an article "apparently impaled himself", apparently? "He was a brother in arms to many of us [and] lost his life in the pursuit of our game". A game were idiots charge at each other on speeding horses using lances. Such a noble cause <rolls eyes>
Justin Kidd 8 months
Makes more sense than most wars do.

JimmyStiffFingers 8 months
Womp... Womp...