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Shane Olson 1 year
I’m not a huge fan of CNN regarding anything Trump but I feel there article was actually a fair and relatively unbiased. Didn’t think I’d ever say this during the Trump Era but Good Job CNN!
Jackie MOD 1 year
I'm glad you read it and gave it a chance. CNN isnt unfair when he does something good. I dont like Trump at all, but even I have to admit this is 100% solid gold unless I'm missing some dastardly fine print if all of his decisions were this well thought out, CNN and I would probably be on his side.
Andre Gerard 1 year
@Jackie Just one example: he said MS-13 gang members were animals and CNN ripped him up and down for it!
Jackie MOD 1 year
Yup they're sensationalists. They practically invented the 24 hour news cycle a sensually so they latch on to any little thing and blow it out of proportion. I don't think that's news to anyone who's ever seen anything on CNN