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Shane Olson 1 year
I’m not a huge fan of CNN regarding anything Trump but I feel there article was actually a fair and relatively unbiased. Didn’t think I’d ever say this during the Trump Era but Good Job CNN!
Jackie MOD 1 year
I'm glad you read it and gave it a chance. CNN isnt unfair when he does something good. I dont like Trump at all, but even I have to admit this is 100% solid gold unless I'm missing some dastardly fine print if all of his decisions were this well thought out, CNN and I would probably be on his side.
Andre Gerard 1 year
@Jackie Just one example: he said MS-13 gang members were animals and CNN ripped him up and down for it!
Jackie MOD 1 year
Yup they're sensationalists. They practically invented the 24 hour news cycle a sensually so they latch on to any little thing and blow it out of proportion. I don't think that's news to anyone who's ever seen anything on CNN

Nandor 1 year
Exactly. Headline snippets across the Internet would often show first few words, or that's what people would glance over. In this case, "Trump signs bill to increase drug price..." Perhaps it was unintentional, but given the history of their behaviour...
Jackie MOD 1 year
Oh, I see what you mean now. I'm not sure that's intentional, but I get what you're saying
Jackie MOD 1 year
I personally think that you have to give each link a chance. Going in assuming bias leads to a close minded read. I have to remember to read a fox news article just as carefully as I would any other sometimes, but that's part of being a well informed adult, you know what I mean?
Lucas Ryan 1 year
That's all well and good to feel that way about reading many different articles and most people here on Newsvoice will think the same. However most people have their go-to news outlet and won't even bother looking around. Not because they dislike the outlets of 'the other side' but just because they don't see a need to. When people think of an outlet being biased, they think in terms of WHAT stories they cover, not HOW they cover said stories. I mean, facts are facts right?

Sir_Kutz 1 year
The articles may or may not be bias, but the title of the cnn one is terrible. “Increase drug price.... transparency.
Jackie MOD 1 year
I dont get what you mean, though perhaps Pharmaceuticals would be a better word given the context
Lucas Ryan 1 year
It's designed to invoke a somewhat apprehensive/negative attitude without being incorrect. The words 'increase' and 'drugs' being used together almost always invoke a feeling of ambivelance. It's a psychological trick. This is a good read on the subject:
Jackie MOD 1 year
Yeah, I just picked that up in another comment. I see what you mean now, but I'm not sure that's intentional. Still, thanks, I'm gonna give you an upvote for explaining that civilly... It's been a long night. And thanks for including a link, that's always appreciated!

Jackie MOD 1 year
this is great news! finally our preisdent does a thing I can really be proud of with no reservations <3 This is going to help a lot of Americans and it's too bad that we had to wait until just before the mid terms to get it. this would have been a great year one idea
RebornZA 1 year
I'm no American, and I can't safely say he's done a lot more ya'll should be proud of. Come see our ex president.
Jackie MOD 1 year
I do give him credit for something every few months. I'm not unreasonable
Armando Martinez 1 year
Yes, he's done a great job on this. Props.

aiden Brennan MOD 1 year
Fantastic to see politicians not in the pocket of big pharmaceutical companies! This is why the American people wanted change in 2016! Hillary wouldn’t of done this! Sanders might have! Will help Trump in the midterms I’m sure!

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year
Common sense regulation!
Armando Martinez 1 year
Great job, Mr. President! Excellent work!

Armando Martinez 1 year
Yes, more of this! Great job, Mr. President and Capitol Hill!

Avi Khait 1 year
This is a step in the right direction, although the US health system is still broken.

Jörmüngandur Draugur 1 year
I guess I'll no longer have to ask how much for a gramm... Niiice!
Jackie MOD 1 year
I mean, have you ever asked and they didn't tell you how much a gram was? That's just bad marketing lol Also, I just wanna say you have a really badass name lol The legend of Jordmungandr is pretty epic

Illini Legatus 1 year
Anything that shines a light on the coruption of American Pharma.

Voin 1 year
When people ask why I'm voting to re-elect God-Emperor Trump 2020

Bocephus42 1 year
Literally hitler.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 1 year

Nika D 1 year
Trump is on a roll. This is great news (and completely unexpected as our government is generally sold out to Pharma). Talking criminal justice reform is great also. I’m Trump agnostic but this is definitely “Good Trump” week.

sulphide g 1 year
conservative would be hypocrites if they didn't support this given their constant rhetoric that market forces will solve Healthcare.
Der Rikmeister 1 year
Not necessarily. While this bill may be a good thing, it seems to be appealing to the general public concept of 'meds shouldn't be so expensive' without educating people on where those costs can legitimately come from. Also, it's not truly market driven while you have health insurance companies acting as middle-men between pharma and the public (and making sweet deals with the government and pharmac companies for profit). A true market forces scenario would be to abolish health insurance and let the companies compete for customers by finding ways to lower prices. This is the same problem with college tuition where government is the middleman artificially raising tuition costs by expanding what loan companies can provide and giving them special treatment by protecting them from market forces. (All in the name of protecting the "rights" of the people)

M.TWAIN 1 year
Is this going to actually do anything a good consumer can already do, not really? When a Doctor prescribes you a drug you should ask him about choices and prices when you go to the pharmacy you should ask them about prices and other drugs. If you want to really to lower costs allow the Government to negotiate drug prices for the VA, Medicare, and Medicaid. And if you go with a single payer system taking the insurance companies out of the mix you can again negotiate prices to the benefit of the consumer.

Voin 1 year
All throughout the healthcare debate while both sides were arguing on *who* should pay the exorbitant costs (& they both had fair points, to an extent), I was saying that it was a problem that the costs were so high in the first place. Kudos to President Trump for addressing this, and keep up the great work! #MAGA
M.TWAIN 1 year
And how will this lower costs?

Dakota Williams 1 year
What about Congressman John Katko's Fort Ontario Study Act that President Trump signed into law?