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US warns China over ’aggressive’ moves on Philippines, Taiwan

US warns China over ’aggressive’ moves on Philippines, Taiwan

The US has warned China against what the Philippines and Taiwan see as increasingly aggressive moves in the South China Sea. ’An armed attack against the Philippines’ armed forces, public vessels or aircraft in the Pacific, including in the South China Sea, will trigger our obligations under the US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty,’ the State Department said.

Jordan 1 weeks

Who want to PEACFULLY protest that we want to kick some china a..s...s

Randall 1 weeks

Wars are becoming less of a hardware and firepower thing and more of a digital and financial thing. The west and allies like to use the former because we have the best machines and it's visually for impactful. But we have become so dependant on money and technology which leaves a big, open soft spot. It's just my opinion that we may have put too much faith in physical firepower and not enough in education, technology and political "soft power" (to lead by example, not by force). ★Would they still hate us if instead of dropping bombs we dropped the equivalent value in cash?

Seekster 1 weeks

This is saber ratling from China but it needs a equivalent response so they understand that we aren't playing around.

kaleb 1 weeks

Warheads on foreheads. Thats how you convince bullies to stand down.

Indo 1 weeks

Barkng up the wrong tree ! They got militia like civilian n military gangs. Remember their gang bang activities in the past !?

Tomasz 1 weeks

The World gave up on Tibet, gave up on Uighurs, gave up on Hong Kong, will they really risk much for the Philippines or Taiwan? Nah, I don't think so. ...boiling frogs...

peeweeherman 1 weeks

Biden just wants us to goto WAR. smh

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 weeks

Time to launch another "Rice Cooker".

Jackson 1 weeks

I wonder if both sides of America would be up for defending Taiwan if it came down to it

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