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aiden Brennan MOD 8 months
Lindsey Graham is correct! The USA must stand up to savagery!
Mr. Sir 8 months
Unless they have oil. This is why energy independence is one of our TOP priorities.
aiden Brennan MOD 8 months
very fair point! energy independence is absolutely crucial for a sovereign nation!

Jackie MOD 8 months
LOL that's not a picture of Lindsay Graham! (Rand does look like a Lindsay though)
aiden Brennan MOD 8 months
They fixed it now!

M.TWAIN 8 months
Sorry Lindsey but Saudi already paid Donnie.
Mr. Sir 8 months
I tried googling but couldn’t find source to your claim. Care to provide proof?
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 8 months
citations needed

aiden Brennan MOD 8 months
I agree with Rand Paul! Cut the funding! Bu beyond the journalist,p! Saudi Arabia has some of the most barbaric sexist, homophobic laws in the world! Cut all aid to them on that moral ground until they do the right thing by our values!

Illini Legatus 8 months
Saudi Arabia kills people every day. Why is this guy special?
SimonR 8 months
Because journalism.