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Armando Martinez 4 months Trumpers on here giving the president credit for this one? So basically, when things are good, it's his doing and when things are bad, it's somebody else's fault. Got it.
Bradley M. 4 months
I don't think that's particularly fair. You can't claim that Trump is 100% responsible for the increase in the market, though the tax cuts and lesser regulations help, and you can't claim he's the reason for the drop unless it can be related to a specific thing he's said or done. The market can be volatile and any number of things can set it off. Not everything that happens revolves around Trump unlike what the media seems to indicate.
Armando Martinez 4 months
@Bradley, precisely my point, no president can take much credit or blame for the entire economy. I've said that many times on here.

Avi Khait 4 months
Whatever happens on the stock market, "experts" always have a perfect explanation... after the fact.
Michael Hedderson 4 months
Plenty of 'experts' predicted a correction was coming....
Free Jester 4 months
All the “experts” also say that is cyclic, every 8-10 years give or take. So what us gonna be the new war to get us out of the next slump. Wait for it.

Warden 4 months
ABC and Washington, "Hey bro can I copy your homework?"
Herbie Goes Bananas 4 months
Sure but it's a D paper.

S Richbell 4 months
the writing has been pn the wall for a long time