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Brady 8 months
"i used to be a conservative but the left's incivility at every turn really changed my mind" said no one ever.
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
According to Hillary Clinton, civility will only come back if the Dems win everything. So basically terrorism.
Will 8 months
that's because it's the right that has no civility. for God's sake, they just put a rapist on the Supreme Court and in your bizarro world the uncivil thing is to object to that? unbelievable. furthermore, Republicans were on record saying Merrick Garland was unqualified and still refused to even hold a hearing. clearly you have no integrity at all, no genuine commitment to civility. you're just a pathetic opportunist
Jake Middleton 8 months
Will you raped me 20 years ago I demand you be fired and have your life destroyed

Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
I'm sure antagonizing a SCOTUS justice is a bold strategy by the left, let's see if it pays off!
Jane W 8 months
Glad we agree that he is a biased prick looking for revenge with no place on the court.
Rocky LeBlanc 8 months
Nobody but you said that Jane. RBG is a very outspoken partisan hack on the supreme court I guess you support her removal as well?

SimonR 8 months
The left are ridiculous.
The Masta 8 months
Yeah! Left have no shame, so many idiotic ideas it's just unbelievable.
SimonR 8 months
Including guilty until proven innocent,and screeching in debates.

Illini Legatus 8 months
At this point he should be suing all these people.
Jackie MOD 8 months
if he ANY had grounds, don't you think he would?
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
@Jackie he isn't because that would look undignified, he has grounds enough, but it wouldn't be worth it.
Will 8 months
Gramps he was undignified at the hearing, do much that 2400 law professors signed a letter saying he doesn't have the temperament to be a judge. so that can't be it

Will 8 months
he should be in prison, not the highest court. this is a disaster
Redd 8 months
He's not a rapist. Get over it.
Aight Bradley 8 months
proof please will
Jake Middleton 8 months
Prison for what you deranged moron he hasn’t done anything

Jackie MOD 8 months
both sides perjured themselves. Glad at least part of that is being looked into
Keldek 8 months
At no time did Kavanaugh perjure himself. The answers might not be to your liking, but he never committed perjury. From the start of his statement, he admitted the fact that he liked beer and sometimes had too many. His assertion that he never "blacked out" is what people are calling perjury, and yet at no time did any statement against him say that he was a "black out drunk". So the theory that he perjured himself is nothing more than an attempt to twist words and substitute one thing he actually said for descriptions of behavior that were never really being questioned. Being "belligerent or "arrogant" are not the same thing as ever blacking out. As far as "Devil's Triangle" is concerned, the "definition" people are trying to use is a 2008 entry in the "urban dictionary". Slang words and phrases often change meaning over time, and there's no proof as of yet that shows it meant the same thing in the 80's. So all this is based on a more than 20 year gap in what it meant as of 2008 and what it could have meant back in the 80's. Hardly proof of perjury. Now Ford, on the other hand, lied about being a "research psychologist" or a psychologist at all as she is neither. And when this information came to light, instead of an admission, she had her bio page scrubbed to remove any reference to her claims of being a psychologist. She lied about the second front door. She lied about never coaching someone for a polygraph. She made sure to scrub her social media accounts before anyone knew who she was. She claims she expected "privacy" yet was deeply lawyered up and took a polygraph that they still refuse to release. And, most importantly, she claims she dont know where or even when the alleged assault actually took place. But she made sure to describe how traumatized her life has been since that day. The only problem is, no true victim of sexual abuse would ever forget when or where. True sexual abuse victims spend our entire lives trying to forget, not the other way around.
SimonR 8 months
Nope. Kavanaugh saying he didn't drink much isn't purgery, asking witnesses to change their testimony is, look it up.
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
She made some very serious allegations that damaged an innocent man, that's defamation right there. Not to mention she collected money under false claims, that's fraud. She's lucky Kavanaugh isn't pressing charges.

Russ Kurtell 8 months
Why is the only insane leftist in this comment section(Jackie Fox) a MOD?
theLast Word 8 months
Will is a moron also.
Herbie Goes Bananas 8 months
Can we expect Newsvoice to start censoring wrongthink?
Anthony Beaton 8 months
Russ, I will degend Jackie. Yes she may ne left but she does have an open mind unlike most and is reasonable and has rational discussions. She is one of the what is becoming all too rare good ones.

Voin 8 months
Will.npc execute: \original_thought: 0 \rape: 1 \REEEEEEEEEE: numeric_value_overflow
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 8 months
now wait a minute ... what the fuck ! ... no will no!

Voin 8 months
Hey Will, I hear taking the #RedPill is a great cure for NPC syndrome...

Ryan Mgrd 8 months
lol let it go.

edwin naidu 8 months
the comments on some of those links make me sad for humanity

Will 8 months
go back to r/the_donald you vile trolls
Aight Bradley 8 months
I don't normally browse reddit, but I'll gladly start if you go back to tumblr
Jarret Durst 8 months
You know Will, I see you making a lot of accusations and no sources or evidence to back them up.
Pedro Teixeira 8 months
Cry a bit more. You're so certain he did commit those crimes aren't you? Why don't you go forward with your presented evidence then.

Adam Marceau 8 months
this got shunted off to the 10th circuit so this is basically dead better luck next time

Avi Khait 8 months
I prefer to see a bright side of life.
Avi Khait 8 months
After he survives this inquisition as well, accusations and allegations against him will ring even more hollow.
DKO 8 months
No, EVERY accusation against ANYONE will be received with more skepticism. It's time for women to lose their special treatment in rape accusations, and nothing better than a supreme court judge that just suffered a witch trial, to help end this madness. I'm not saying we should stone the false accusers like the Muslims do, but something close to the punishment the victim would receive. It's time to create a deterrent for false rape accusations.
Herbie Goes Bananas 8 months
Just had a Life of Brian flashback.

Josh Ya 8 months
More Liberal tears. This will go nowhere. Most likely it won't even be read.