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Brady 8 months
Trump needs to bring back the JFK fitness program. take 1% out of the military budget and put it into school fitness and nutrition. you would be improving tomorrow's soldiers. not to mention everyone else. too bad fitness is offensive to leftists.
Jarret Durst 8 months
Like the way you think
Oliver Biscuit 8 months
It's so bad that here in Canada schools have a (I forget the acrynm) program where all kids are required to walk laps around the school for a minimum of 20 minutes to get at least a little bit of movement.
ElKobolte 8 months
why do you primary care about the health of other americans if it benefits killing? with the rest i agree

Pinhead Larry MOD 8 months
Our border size must increase because we literally cannot fit our obesesity onto the continent anymore
Jackie MOD 8 months
This is why a border wall is a dangerous idea: if we get any fatter a border wall will just pop like a belt buckle after Thanksgiving dinner blowing bits of wall into Mexico like a poorly built cannon
Oliver Biscuit 8 months
I was thinking it'll cause a muffin top effect
Mr. Spartacus 8 months
Can I get a contract if I design a spandex border wall?

MightyMargulis 8 months
the scary thing is, the army will take some pretty fat kids. i remember in basic training we had a couple kids that were 80+lbs over weight and they had to go to the armys version of fat camp for a couple weeks before starting basic with us. fat camp you just eat half rations and pretty much run all day long. you loose like 15 to 20lbs a week. so to be too fat for that is scary.
M.TWAIN 8 months
So what is the scary part? Sounds like a good program, and I have a feeling that those recruits are more motivated than some others.
Adam A. 8 months
I've been that fat, the health risks of over exertion are pretty crappy/scary. You basically risk having a heart attack every time you work out. Haha, good times.
Jackie MOD 8 months
Try the "arm bike" if you're that overweight

Jackie MOD 8 months
"America found peace as it's citizens grew too fat to fight" Who am I kidding, we still have drones.
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months
Just wait until Trump's Space Force gets the kinetic bombardment in order, drones will be a thing of the past.
Oliver Biscuit 8 months
Gotta love the rod from God. All the death and destruction of a nuke without the radioactive fallout
Mr. Spartacus 8 months
Nuke obesity from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure

Avi Khait 8 months
It definitely threatened my security on the last flight I took.

Will 8 months
good. we need to scale back the military anyway
Steve 8 months
thank you. finally a comment I can stand behind
CakeSorcerer 8 months
America can not afford to weaken our military in any way. We are protecting more than our soil we are defending the majority of the world and they need a strong American presence and example that freedom is worth fighting for and defending.
Voin 8 months
Yeah, that's a great idea, let China or Russia run the world, b/c their values are so great as evidenced by the societies they built. /s FFS, will, can you stop being an NPC for one second and *try* to have an original thought for once in your life?

Jane W 8 months
Generals & leaders want to create better cannon fodder for their endless warmongering? What else is new. Fitness and nutrition should absolutely be part of education, but for the sake of the kids, not this. The generals and congressmen can send their own kids to be cannon fodder.
Michael Forrister 8 months
most kids of generals, are officers and NCOs in the military. they a eventually become the Brigade and division commanders and Command Sergeants Major...

The Masta 8 months
What it means "to fat for military"? Draft the fatsos and make them run all day. In few weeks they won't be fat anymore. I though army supposed to make you a better man
Jermain Wijnhard 8 months
Because it doesn't happen in only a few weeks, most of them wouldn't train hard enough if you beat them with a stick and they're probably riddled with a myriad of weight related issues like messed up knees, clogged up arteries, diabetes and much more. Even then, if they aren't motivated to bother with their own health I wouldn't think it likely they be motivated to fight for their country.
M.TWAIN 8 months
As one of the first wave in the all-volunteer military, we do not want people who are drafted.

Naveen Soman 8 months
I guess that's one way to end never ending war.
Hubert Cumberdale 8 months
I'm a proud obese American, doing my part to end war.
Jackie MOD 8 months
God bless your rolls, Hubert

Bryan C 8 months
Part of the plan, make Americans fat, lazy, and emotionally unstable.

Der Rikmeister 8 months
I've always considered the military as one of the best "cures" for obesity.
Jackie MOD 8 months
Or boot camp at the very least

Nicolas Uppal 8 months
Dumb and happy. It’s what they want
KAO 8 months
Doubt the happy part.
applejuice 8 months
happy people are too comfortable to do anything so it makes them weak and complacent so they are easy to control.

Big Nate 8 months
It’s the parents fault. I am sure a lot of them are fat too.

Adam Silvia 8 months
America's youth trying to emulate the body image of it's President & some of you are blaming leftists. You do know that 45 & his crew eliminated the fitness program for public schools, not Obama....right?
Adam A. 8 months
I don't think I that it should be up to the federal government to make sure kids aren't fat turds. I was 300 lbs at 17yrs old and that was under Bush. I took it upon myself to get fit, but it should have been up to my parents when I was a child.
Adam Silvia 8 months
It's not their job, you're right. But dealing with kids you learn that it's usually a group activity that gets them involved. Letting them figure it out on their own just isn't as succesful. Not everyone has the support to keep an active lifestyle either, when a lot of parents are content handing their children a Gameboy or iPad it doesn't encourage physical activity
Adam A. 8 months
I just think it needs to be handled at a local/community level.

Havoc44 8 months
Thanks Mrs.Obama

applejuice 8 months
I blame body positivity movement. I'm not saying people should be ashamed but they shouldnt find excuses to be fat and love themselves more as healthy. Being fit and healthy also would help with the mental illnesses too. Working out and eating good releases dopamine. Killing two birds with one stone.

Voin 8 months
I'm sure half the country running around with TDS doesn't help the "mentally fit" part...I hear red pills are a great cure for NPCitis...😉

Kenneth Stovall 8 months
BAHAHAHA!!! No shit!

Adam Marceau 8 months
this is why we cant have "free" healthcare

Public Corrections 8 months
They have programs to help get you fit before boot camp (or at least they used to). They should include it as an extension to boot camp. For example, for the Marines, instead of a 3 month boot camp, you have a 2 month program to get you into shape, when you can go home every other weekend, then if you make shape, you can proceed to actual boot camp. You won't get pay for that 2 months, but room and food would be provided. Just a thought.