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DKO 4 months
Holy shit, it's not often one can escape a malfunctioning rocket. Let's hope SpaceX gets some extra funding to get human rated flights sooner.
Toshi 4 months
Because they have done so much with the current funding...
Idiot Prole 4 months
This shows how good and refined the Soyuz system is. Things go wrong and they have engineered around it with time and painful experience... SpaceX recently had a launchpad failure which was apparently caused by a mechanism identified and published by NASA decades ago along with how to mitigate for it. SpaceX is trying to bring down costs but it is doing it at the expense of lessons already learned. Same with Virgin - their loss of a craft was due to human error. The pilot hit a switch which should never have been touched at that point in flight and as a result the craft was destroyed. Again, we look to NASA and their painful experience led to an interlock on that function which could have never been activated in that scenario. Soyuz may be old in basic design but it persists because it works reliably and when there is a failure like this, the crew survive with relatively very little drama. If you're going to bring in new technology and new manufacturers, you'll probably pay for that with reliability (which in this case means lives) which is why Tesla, for all the new tech, is at the absolute bottom of the pile for reliability in research done by consumer advocate bodies. I want SpaceX to take their sweet time developing and learning and to do all their exploding with no humans on board.
DKO 4 months
@Toshi the Falcon 9 launched 63 times, and had one failure. And it blew once while it was being prepared for a test. It can reliably deliver cargo to the ISS. I'd say yes, they're getting the job done.

Mike McWay 4 months
Those lucky, lucky bastards. Perhaps the narrow escape from tragedy can be used to foster better relations between us and Russia.

Voin 4 months
Thank God they're alright. :)

DartSpitter 4 months
It's a testament to how far technology has come that people can survive something like this.

Idiot Prole 4 months
Oh, absolutely we need other options for redundancy if nothing else. I just want those options to be going through the R&D they need to and make their mistakes with unmanned craft rather than being rushed into manned use for political reasons. I'm just glad all on board made it back safely and this needs to be prioritised over cost cutting or politics. On this I think we can all agree.

LSR 4 months
like spot the difference

Avi Khait 4 months
I'm not into conspiracies, but was Syria testing their S-300 at the time?

Voice of Reason 4 months
We really need to not be using flawed Russian systems to get into space. Soviet designs were terrible when they were first created and remain terrible today.

Responsibly Free 4 months
don't do it!!!

Illini Legatus 4 months
Hope they make it home.

Omnom 4 months
Say Hi to Borat guys.