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Mr. Spartacus 8 months
Well if ford is getting rid of union workers that demand 50 bucks an hour I’m indifferent...unions are trash
Jane W 8 months
Nowhere does it say that. Typical right winger making stuff up.
M.TWAIN 8 months
Are you fine with management making 300% over the avg worker?
Mr. Spartacus 8 months
...yes...I made an opinion statement that simplified even further means; I don’t care if overpaid crybaby union workers get laid off...their union severance packages will cary them for nice long while anyway. In no way shape or form was my opinion statement to be taken as fact or updates on this story

Will 8 months
yeah Trump isn't making more jobs. working people are being laid off because of his boneheaded policies. once again he is shown to be a shallow con man
Kenguru Safari 8 months
Lowest overall unemployment rate in 48 years?
Voin 8 months
Don't bother, it's just Will's NPC programming kicking in. Notice how for literally *every* article he will say nothing but the official, politically-correct party line of whatever the Trump Derangement Syndrome hate-mob is screeching about that day. You could replace him with literally any other #resist account & get word for word the same screed. Never an original thought b/w the lot of themhem. It's quite sad. :^/
DKO 8 months
Some political youtubers have denounced it, political shills started flooding various internet communities as of a few days ago. Will is just your typical paid shill to troll and derail every topic. See for instance

M.TWAIN 8 months
How much do you think the tariffs are hurting Trump Inc. My guess's zero. Trump should move all production of Trump goods to the US and eat the loss, that's what he is demanding of US Companies, the best leaders lead by example.

applejuice 8 months
I think this is a golden parachute case scenario. Doesn't seem like Ford is the only company doing this. We will have to see what fat bonuses the company CEO will get at the end of the year along with hiring on mass afterwards.

Illini Legatus 8 months
Ford is a Chinese company.
Omnom 8 months
Their HQ is in Michigan and many of their vehicles are built in Mexico, Chicago, Missouri and Canada according to CarsDirect.
Illini Legatus 8 months
That doesn't mean that's where their orders come from.
M.TWAIN 8 months
Ford is an international Company with plants all over the world. But it is headquartered in the US being the number 2 manufacturer of cars sold in the US.

Duane Allen 8 months
Ok, layoffs. I did not see how many or even if they were US jobs. would layoffs in India not be a likely result of increased tariffs?
M.TWAIN 8 months
The Claycomo plant near Kansas City Mo. will be shutting down its line for the near future as stated in the article.