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Illini Legatus 4 months
The hypocritical leftist media mocks her every chance they get. They obviously have no respect for women and just use it as a club to beat their enemies.
Mr. Sir 4 months
I seriously don’t get how this is not obvious to people on the left. Is it because they think Trump is worse so it’s ok to treat women (and every other minority) like shit as long as it doesn’t cross the “grab em by the pussy” line?
Ricco 4 months
I agree! Leave her and Barron alone. I don't mind criticism of Ivanka and Donald Jr since they are acting more or less as spokespeople for the Trump admin but the rest of the family is not really involved in politics and should be left alone. Just to clarify, by criticism I don't mean bullying but just voicing disagreement if there is any.
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
Maybe I'm somehow not reading "True" leftist media but... when??? I've never seen anyone bully her. links?

clarity2199 4 months
You clearly see who the political left is when a foreign minority female is mocked and ridiculed by those that claim to be the tolerant and pro-woman side. Main Stream Media mocks her almost as much as Donald Trump. Even the feminists that push for women first seem to decide to make an exception to the rule when it comes to outspoken conservatives. Then suddenly the pro-woman activists call people like our first lady, Candice Owens, Sarah Palin whores, deplorable. They attack their character their families. It is disgusting. If they were truly pro woman, then they would feel that way towards ALL women. It just proves they're frauds. They don't really give a shit, and everything they do is purely political. Follow the Democrats or else is what they're really trying to say. They are the bullies!

Chase 4 months
Wasn't "#R*peMilania" a trending hashtag on Twitter for a time?
Jesse Jia 4 months
youre pulling shit out of your ass, but good try
CakeSorcerer 4 months
jesse we are aware of the hatred of Trump and Trump bystanders.
Nika D 4 months
It actually was. I was shocked at the disgusting behavior by some in the left. I choose to believe that the left on Twitter is not representative of the left on general, but the media certainly doesn’t help with their absolute trash talk.

Ryan Mgrd 4 months
I don't know about most bullied but she's up there for sure. Media always criticizing her, but that's part of being in the limelight. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Brad 4 months
It’s pretty clear she is. Bullied relentlessly not just by a fellow kid in the playground, but by entire media outlets on a daily basis, with slanderous stories written about her that cause myriads of people to mock and torment her. The poor lady is most definitely one of the most bullied people in the world.

Aight Bradley 4 months
I feel bad for her. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman and the lefties are always on her case for bullshit reasons.

Armando Martinez 4 months
Brett Kavanaugh <clears throat>
Thijs 4 months
Or trump himself
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
Rand Paul. Dr. Ford. the worst thing I've ever heard about Melania is that she has bad taste in men.
Andre Gerard 4 months
Dr. Ford? That's a silly comment. She was in the news for a month and nobody will remember her by the end of the year! Rand Paul is another case, he not only got verbally abused but had his ribs broken by his neighbour for his politics!

M.TWAIN 4 months
Give me an fn break, one of the most bullied in the world, cry me a river, Malena. Until you put a plug in your husband's bullying rants you have zero credibility and zero room to whine.
Danielle Dovahsdottir 4 months
@Red, So it's ok for Melania to be bullied simply because to the best of your knowledge she's not said anything to her husband about things you find objectionable? You have no idea what they talk about as husband and wife. I think you should reconsider such a nasty comment about our First Lady.
KRISTINA 4 months
To blame her for Trumps behavior is childish and unhelpful. After 55 years of being married to my father, my mother has yet to sway my father’s mouth in public. She has never dulled his road rage or curbed his temper and she has lost friends because of it. But never would anyone on this planet say a bad word against my mother. Her biggest fault is her loyalty. If we can’t treat Melania with respect, what good are we and why should anyone listen to what we have to say. Should someone attack your loved ones because they don’t like what you say? That’s so ass backwards! how do you expect children on the playground to behave any better better when you set such a poor example?
Mr. Sir 4 months
Kristina is boss.

Voin 4 months
Shit like this is why the Regressive Left must be utterly destroyed - if they can do this crap to high-profile individuals like the First Lady, Judge Kavanaugh, or Alex Jones, they can do it to any one of us.
Omnom 4 months
They're already destroying themselves.

Voin 4 months
Regressives: "you either swear moral fealty to us, or we'll stop at nothing to make your life miserable"
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
#ra@emelania guys!
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
fake news.

CakeSorcerer 4 months
Michelle Obama was on 11 magazine covers as first lady of the United States. Ivanka has been on 1.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
first " lady" lol
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 4 months
Ivanka has never been a first lady 😂😂😂
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
Guys. He's not married to his daughter...

Steven Cline 4 months
I have no doubt she is... most if the media and all the Leftists bully her.

Julie T 4 months
that first link gave me cancer. jesus. it is only bullying when there is an "imbalance of power". well, isnt the media supposed to be just as powerful as the other branches of government, basically the 4th branch? in that case they are more powerful. as first lady she has no executive power, the media actually has a much bigger platform than she has.
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
What constitution did you read?
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 4 months
Jackie Fox ... probably the US constitution that gives absolutely no power to the first lady ( or first man if that happens down the road ) And the fourth branch are institutions that aren't part of the government but greatly influence the three official branches ... guess what ... the press/media is one of them ... know before you speak
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
Please show me where in the constitution it says we have four branches of government? I'll wait.

Jesse Jia 4 months
I really dont think "the most in the world" is correct but okay. If you guys defend her the way you guys defend trump, then by that logic, we shouldnt shun "terrorists" families that had nothing to do with their plots ie. saddam hussein- instead we fucking blew up entire villages lmao. fuck on out of here. "because you dont know how their family life was like" "he was the only terrorist and the families just had to be there"
CakeSorcerer 4 months
Classic what-about-ism
Nika D 4 months
So you are comparing Melania to a terrorist for her husband having mainstream conservative views? People like you give the left a bad name.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
terrorism in quotes , go away

Miles O'Brien 4 months
Not what she said.
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
“I could say that I’m the most bullied person in the world,” Trump said. “You’re really the most bullied person in the world?” ABC News’ Tom Llamas asked. “One of them, if you really see what people saying about me,” Trump replied. should not have that in quotes in their title.
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
That being said, she did say those words in that order...

Mr. Sir 4 months
She could pay every bully $1,000 to shut up and still have $8 billion leftover.
Jesse Jia 4 months
which if she did she wouldnt have any bullies then? so why is she crying about being bullied the most in the world?? is that what youre saying good sir
Mr. Sir 4 months
Sort of, yes. I believe you shouldn’t rely on others changing their behavior to get what you want. She has “fuck you money” so why not use it?
BagMan69 4 months
Because there's still people bullying her like the media who wouldn't accept the 1000 or isn't enough to sway them lol

Robert Bowlin 4 months
There’s a lot of people in the world so that’s a tough claim to make, but I’d say the entire Trump family must be pretty high on that list.

Nicolas Uppal 4 months
And by complaining that she gets bullied only ensures future bullying.

Mike Clark 4 months
She's the most bullied first lady. Hypocritically, left wing pundits chose to mock her accent very frequently, like Jimmy Kimmel. She has also been "slut shamed" as her naked model photos were published again, which split the left to be fair.

Don Grantham 4 months
Bet she never planned on that when she married a billionaire who became president.

aiden Brennan MOD 4 months
Melanie is often personally attacked for a range of reasons! It’s vile! The same thing used to happen to Michelle Obama! With right-wing trolls calling her a man! Both women are the victims of despicable bullying! Attacking of spouses needs to stop! Both sides should hang their heads in shame!