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aiden Brennan MOD 4 months
Sickening! Anyone who says CNN is reliable news should be shown this! Indefensible behavior by the panel! Unquestionably racist! Would not have attacked a white person that savagely!
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
CNN is ok, but you should never read only one source, hence why this app was made, so you can compare and see how bad CNN really is lol These guys though... they should fire em to set a good example honestly
RebornZA 4 months
@Jackie: CNN is not *okay* they are biased, sensationalists, and are quick to perform character assassination on people who think differently to a very specific ideological thought pattern. We need objective and fair news. End of story.
Thijs 4 months
CNN isn't good, but they are waaay better than occupy democrats or MSNBC

I.P. Freely 4 months
What stands out to me is the personal attacks that are made against Kanye without actually challenging his ideas while referencing Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock for cheap laughs. For a good laugh, check out CNN ratings. This brought tears to my eyes:

BagMan69 4 months
Damn that's racist. Like come on CNN do you have any quality control over what people say?
DKO 4 months
It's okay when they use their own token negro to call Kanye a "token negro." The "n-wars" will be fought not by soldiers, but by mouth pieces of color... or colored mouth pieces... whichever is the PC term this week.
Robert Bowlin 4 months
I think CNN mostly agrees with those views. It’s not really a “quality control” thing.

James Smullins 4 months
Every time a black American walks away from the democratic party they get called token coon and other terms by their own. The democrats can't own slaves physically but they still can and do mentally which is actually worse in reality.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
disgusting isnt it
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
Yes it is disgusting.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
cnn is awful

Illini Legatus 4 months
Funny how racist the left is when it suits their plans.
InsomniaNoir 4 months
I’d hardly call Don Lemon or CNN “left”. They’re establishment and centrist at best.
Voin 4 months
What's "centrist" about them?
Beck70 4 months
There is nothing centrist about CNN. They used to be, many many years ago. Not anymore.

Mr. Guevara 4 months
The left is the only side that cares about race.
clarity2199 4 months
Pretty interesting point, when they're supposed to be the side of tolerance, huh? They're tolerant to all minorities until they get out of line....and then they're not. XD
Josh Ya 4 months
Rot in hell Che, you filthy murdering POS.
Mr. Guevara 4 months
Whoa Josh, why the hostility?

Zachary Brooks 4 months
I keep thinking about current news stations as functioning similar to Anchorman 2. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a fairly satirical look at the downfall of the news during the 24 hour period as it relates to ratings.
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
the 24 hours news cycle is the crux of CNN's issues
James Smullins 4 months
I say it all the time, when 24 hour news started I asked what they were going to do with the remaining 23 hours. If you just report news it takes a hour or so. My question was quickly answered after they discovered people wouldn't sit and watch a hour news looped all day every day, they started doing op eds. Now this isn't a problem if and only if you present a variety of views and here's the important part, state clearly every single time you air one that it a op Ed and not actually news. Of course that didn't happen and now we have several 24 op ed channels calling themselves news channels that do nothing but preach to their own choir which is usually just a echo chamber. I can't get cable because I live in the country, nearest TV station is over 80 miles away and I refuse to pay the high price of satellite TV. So places like this are great news sources, several slants for every story. No real op-eds. That's what the comment section is for.

Havoc44 4 months
Remember it's only racist if Fox News does it...
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
but Sean hannity ..
Jackie Fox MOD 4 months
says who?
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
the alt left jackie

Covfefe_riot 4 months
Why is CNN allowed to say "negro" on air without a lynch mob forming against them?
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
coz they are lefties

SimonR 4 months
Absolutely disgusting overt racism from the left.

Der Rikmeister 4 months
Translation: Don't let that slave leave the plantation! Make fun of him for thinking for himself until he humbly crawls back to the loving arms of the master.

Der Erlking 4 months
racial equality CNN style
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
really gets the noggin joggin

Voin 4 months
CNN: "we're going to lecture you from our elitist ivory towers on how you're all racists & should br ashamed of yourselves" Also CNN: hypocritically spewing racist filth

clarity2199 4 months
It's amazing how the left claims to be tolerant and everyone else intolerant, UNTIL one of those they labeled as a minority steps out of line. Then their true faces come out and you get to see what racists they REALLY are! Who the hell do they think they are calling anyone, especially someone with that kind of wealth as an uneducated negro? People should be picketing at their doorsteps for being so racist and intolerant! But of course you noticed they lined up all their 'tocken black people' to make fun of Kanye together, so they can be like. 'Look, we had a bunch of blacks making fun of a black person, so that somehow makes it okay!'

SimonR 4 months
Ye is the freeist black man in America.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
murica fuck yeah!

Chris Cahill 4 months
seems awfully racist to me

Aight Bradley 4 months
That's racist.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
das right
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
-smacks lips-

Josh Ya 4 months
CNN sucks the bone.
Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
like taylor swift

Haywardjablome 4 months
Complete Nonsense News hits a new low

Talûn-karkû The Warchief 4 months
the alt left being disgustingly racist , imagine my shock!