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Biden executive action targets ’ghost guns’

Biden executive action targets ’ghost guns’

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to target homemade ’ghost guns’ as part of a new set of measures to tackle gun violence. Ghost guns are difficult to trace since they have no serial numbers, and can hence be bought by minors and people who would not pass background checks. The President is set to enact the measures through an executive order, and wont need approval from Congress.

Jellybean 1 weeks

If Biden wants to do something useful he should issue an executive order banning the RoboCallers who " noticed your car warranty is about to expire ".

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 1 weeks

If you’d like to fight these unconstitutional limits to our rights consider joining DDLegio who have a team of lawyers ready to sue the ATF & Biden administration. $50 / year to save gun rights is worth it!

D 1 weeks

First they need to stop letting in illegals. Second they need to crack down on gangs. They are the one that seem to get guns without going through the system.

Rocky 1 weeks

Guns overwhelmingly save lives in America. In the US 94% of public shootings are stopped by a citizen with a gun. While 98% of public shootings occur in gun free zones. We have a total on average of about 30,000 gun deaths in the US each year. Half of those are suicide leaving 15,000 deaths. Half of those are justified shootings where a gun was used to save a life or prevent serious crime leaving an equal number of times a death occured with a gun as the weapon in a malicious attack. Add the 7,500 to the 500,000-1,000,000 times that guns are used defensively but don't result in deadly shootings (according to the FBI and CDC data) and it's not hard to understand the massive positive impact guns have on our society.

Seekster 1 weeks

While I think keeping track of guns with serial numbers is a good idea it won't have much effect on gun crimes because criminals don't follow the law.

ttocsick 1 weeks

President Trump was no authoritarian dictator. This lobotomized marxist is your poster child of an authoritarian dictator. Buyer's remorse anyone?...Anyone?... Anyone???

kaleb 1 weeks

While I whole heartedly agree that an AR pistol with an arm brace is a Short barreled rifle with a flimsy excuse, I disagree with the fact that short barreled rifles should be an NFA item. I wish gun enthusiasts would stop taking an "i dont care, im not listening. Theres no reason to change anything. You're just trying to take my guns." stance, and try and cultivate some common sense gun laws. When you refuse to participate, you end up with people who call anything painted dull black an "assault weapon" making up all the rules.

Nathan 1 weeks

It’s all about gun confiscation and banning firearms. Period. The progressive left and swamp Republicans want to eliminate or eviscerate the 2nd amendment.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 weeks

More panic legislation our gun control laws are fine as they are now.

Erich 1 weeks

Joe Biden has been at or near the highest levels of our Federal government for fifty years. If he has ever had any real thought toward sensible gun legislation he would have proposed it by now. And it would have been passed. Joe, and the Democrats, have had sufficient control to get laws passed. The reason they haven’t... there are no laws that will drastically reduce gun violence. Legal gun purchasers honestly fill out background check forms, have their guns registered and most follow good practices (training, practice, cleaning, safe storage). Fix the loopholes - but don’t expect bad people won’t get guns and use them against another. Most gun violence occurs After other gun laws were already broken.

S 1 weeks

Ask any cop and they'll tell you proactive policing is far more effective than reactive policing.

Ed skelton
Ed skelton 1 weeks

The presence or lack of a serial number provides 0 practical difference to the ability of a minor to get a gun. Whoever wrote this headline doesn't know what they're talking about lmao The only way for a minor to own a gun legally in most places that allow it is if it is given as a gift (not purchased) and virtually always requires an adult present for its use outside of self defense situations, usually caused by home invasions.

ttocsick 1 weeks

No time for taking care of the national security disaster, epidemic super spreader, raping of children, human and drug trafficking, and murdering of people that he created at the border and all through central America. Nooooooo... joe's authoritarian a$$ is too busy trying to take constitutionally guaranteed rights away from law abiding citizens, all unconstitutionally through executive order. Unbelievable

Indo 1 weeks

If that's the best you can do in a dire situation, so be it !! Just dont forget, it ain't the proper cure. That's a societal issue, one that's ignored

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 1 weeks

Can everyone please read about the executive orders first before screaming about them? They're not new laws and they're about as weak as Biden's legs in a windstorm. To be clear, I don't necessarily like the actions taken, but things like "a rule will be proposed within 30 days" and a nomination for an appointment aren't something to expend a lot of energy on quite yet.

Green 1 weeks

I understand everybody being upset about the ghost guns and trying to get rid of them. I am just not understanding why more people are not talking about his push for wide spread red flag laws? All of these request by him are a stupid way of saying we don't know how to fix the problem so let's at least appease our base support of understanding educated people when it comes to guns. Look at the locations of the majority of these tragedies and look at what they all have in common.

Barry 1 weeks

If I want a weapon that can incinerate the entire USA in one shot I should be allowed. That's right, i want a Death Star. It's in the Constitution

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 weeks

One demographic and gun violence rates will drop will drop by a lot.

Paschal 1 weeks

This is just the beginning folks. When the new gun laws go into effect and still see a rise of gun violence and mass shootings which it will because criminals don't follow the laws, they will come and take you guns away.

Zandrus 1 weeks

They won't get our 3D printed guns. We are everywhere

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