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Peter Thiel calls bitcoin a Chinese financial weapon

Peter Thiel calls bitcoin a Chinese financial weapon

Tech investor Peter Thiel believes China can use Bitcoin as a ’financial weapon’ against the US. ’Even though I’m sort of a pro-crypto, pro-Bitcoin maximalist person, I do wonder whether at this point Bitcoin should also be thought in part of as a Chinese financial weapon against the US,’ Thiel said. Bitcoin, Thiel added, ’threatens fiat money, but it especially threatens the US dollar.’

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 weeks

It's not a Chinese weapon. It's something that can challenge the dollar, though, because dollars can be printed into oblivion. And in that case, it is the fault of the decision makers in America rather than the Chinese.

Ver 1 weeks

Good. It's about time the US dollar stops being used by one country for purposes no one in the rest of the world has a say about. The biggest disenfranchisement no one talks about is committed against the people of the rest of the world who did not elect Biden nor the US Congress and who must live under their rules.

C 1 weeks

China will use everything as a weapon against all free people. Even the silly leftists who think they are not. When the silly leftists grow up, think for themselves and see hard work does pay off, they become pragmatists. This is far more evolved than the narrow-minded, bigoted, hate yourself view you are taught. Give it time reality will shed the sickness your enduring

Sarang 1 weeks

The FBI literally owns the world's biggest Bitcoin Wallet after Satoshi Nakamoto... Thiel's such a self-serving douche.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Being that leftist destroy the dollar every chance they get by September with hyper inflation out of control gas prices and higher taxes ( which we'll have to pay by higher priced goods) the dollar will lose half of what it is now which was severely diminished over 16 years of obozo and bush.

Pillow 1 weeks

They're just trying to pull the price down so when they buy in, they can profit more.

billy 1 weeks

Thiel’s a nutjob snowflake who used a racist pro-wrestling has-been to destroy one of the funniest sites in history simply bc they published a story that outed him. So basically the poster-boy for the quintessential republican politician.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 weeks

If you think about it, bitcoin is a threat to national security and should be treated as such.

Indo 1 weeks

C'mon bub, chainamen are just chainamen. Just like you believe you are whitie. Get a good workaround or get someone who can. Stop all yer dumb griping. Take some alka seltzer

Arthur 1 weeks

Bit coin sould be banned from all financial markets and banks!

Indo 1 weeks

One that you people allowed to leak out into their hands. And how did that happen !?

williams 1 weeks

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Rocky 1 weeks

I hate that he is right. China owns bitcoin and has since asic miners were allowed on the blockchain. Such a beautiful opportunity lost on bitcoin.

PappaOwl 1 weeks

Bitcoin is fiat

Madje 1 weeks

Oh, shut up. The dollar is already over. It’s not increasing in value and, with the way we’re going, woke America losing power is a good thing. Centralized, mega governments are trash.

Nick 3 days

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Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 1 weeks

The biggest threat to the dollar is our reckless printing of it. It’s like they wanted it to collapse so fuggit. I’m buying precious metals, crypto and ammo the rest of my life in spite of them.

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Peter Thiel calls bitcoin a Chinese financial weapon

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