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Northern Ireland violence continues, 55 police officers injured

Northern Ireland violence continues, 55 police officers injured

Rioting continued in parts of Northern Ireland as unionists and nationalists clashed with police and each other for the sixth night over Brexit and police’s failure to prosecute Sinn Fein leaders for breaking Covid-19 curbs during an IRA funeral. According to latest reports, 55 cops have been injured in the clashes. On Wednesday, rioters set a bus on fire and hurled firebombs at police in Belfast.

Martin 0 months

This has more to do with covid 19 restrictions than it does with the division. When you keep everyone locked up for months on end then don't be surprised when they get up to know good. The whole catholic/protestant thing that media puts out is nonsense. Sinn fein are extremely against the catholic church and the loyalists are freemasons/anti Christian.

Alex 0 months

The fallout from Brexit, as was predicted.

Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller 0 months

The news can't even get it right. It's loyalists and unionists. Nationalists have nothing to do with this.

Jonny 0 months

Bullshit summary trying to absolve the left of violence by saying both sides are violent. There has been SFA violence from the nationalist camp - almost all of the violence has come from the protestant unionists.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 0 months

All the whiners realize they could’ve done this too, right? They could’ve have had large extravagant funerals for their loved ones and disregarded the rules. Station people willing to fight at the entrance and keep those who would want to stop the proceedings from entering, police or otherwise. Sinn Fein said fuck it, and the pathetic regular citizens cowered to the edicts of their illegitimate overlords.

African 0 months

IRA? Smh...all over again? Man we wonder why all the youth now a days heads are all screwed up. Between all this woke counterculture, feds printing money like monopoly and Covid & China being #1 now....Grandparents, your Grandkids will never live the simple life you had. RIP 🪦 to “Sanity”

Faittastic 0 months

Is this the IRA?? Are we actually in the stone age?

Seekster 0 months

The funny thing is that just the other day I jokingly said that the Irish weren't civilized.

Jason S Savitt
Jason S Savitt 0 months

And thus the troubles start again

Hdyusisok 0 months

I am guessing soon there is going to be Irish nationalst insurgents

Aleks 0 months

Again so many very ignorant comments. Why don't you read the story before posting a comment?

coughdrop1989 0 months

In ireland its called a riot, in portland its called a most peaceful protest. Take notes everyone.

Mike 0 months

The IRA is still a problem? What year is this?

Nickel 0 months

Oh yeah fire bombs at police they play a little rougher over there than over here but they do attack and beat the police here to

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Where is En? Isn't this his part of the world? He comments on everything in America but is silent on events in his home country.

Change Matters
Change Matters 0 months

This is how governments and people that think they need to be the government behave.

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