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George Floyd died from actions of police, medical expert testifies

George Floyd died from actions of police, medical expert testifies

A third medical expert testified Friday at the murder trial of Derek Chauvin that ’law enforcement’ caused George Floyd’s death. ’There’s no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement,’ said Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a consulting forensic pathologist for the prosecution. ’The primary mechanism was asphyxia, or low oxygen,’ she added.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 0 months

"NELSON: Would Chauvin’s knee have anatomically cut off Mr Floyd’s airway? Medical Examiner: It would not"

Towmotar 0 months

Yeah, nah.

James 0 months

Testimony from the medical examiner who actually performed the autopsy and completed the death certificate vs. A bunch of "experts" who are armchair quarterbacks. BTW, an "expert" is that warm trickling feeling on one's inner thigh after zipping up one's trousers...

Barry MC
Barry MC 0 months

All you need to do is have someone kneel on your neck when your head is to the side like that. You'll notice it doesn't choke you, but it really really sucks. They shouldnt use that to restrain someone, but calling it murder is stretching it imo.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Yeah, anyone who actually cares about the outcome of this trial for reasons outside of tribal politics, I recommend doing your own research and watching the trial yourself. Because there is alot that isn't being reported and talked about on MS outlets

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Or if he wasn't a career criminal junkie he might still be alive🤔

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Which is bs but of course the prosecutor would bring a witness to testify that... . Just look at the video you can tell... how insanely good they must be

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 0 months

I believe the position the former officer had floyd in played a role but I believe the drugs floyd ingested killed him ultimately it was fentanyl correct?

Brutus 0 months

Listen people the trial isn’t if Chauvin killed Floyd or not. The defense could openly say that Chauvin killed Floyd but that Chauvin didn’t intent to kill Floyd (2nd Degree Murder), that he didn’t act in a an eminently dangerous way without regard for human life (3rd Degree Murder) and that he didn’t in a way that was negligent and unreasonably risky, like he was following his police training, (2nd Degree Manslaughter). Really people this trial is far from over and I really won’t be surprised with Chauvin being acquitted on all charges

Rocky 0 months

Riiiiiiigth. With no evidence of trauma to the neck or windpipe or signs of asphyxiation, but sure I guess the police choked him to death.🤦🏽‍♂️ I c'n't even listen to these people anymore. It is blatantly obvious they d'n't even believe themselves when they say this nonsense. You c'n't be intelligent and learned and still say such ridicul0us things as the police were responsible for Flo'd's death.

Aleks 0 months

C’mon you racist bunch... there is no reason whatsoever for dancing on the neck of a handcuffed person for 9 freaking minutes... Every minute you try to defend that you reveal your true colors... Take a look at the mirror and watch closely... that’s how a racist looks like... Yeah peaceful protesters at the capitol...

Admiral Jezza
Admiral Jezza 0 months

To the people who write these lies, both on the sites themselves and Newsvoice: No one believes you!

williams 0 months

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Evan 0 months

Experts' medical reports, like the abovementioned, should be seriously token into account, by the jury.

chris 0 months

So they can't prove their assertions and shift focus.

John W
John W 0 months

Witness said she based in on solely on the video. If she had sern everything eies but the video, she would certainly thought it was an overdose. Overview of testimony.

John W
John W 0 months

Overview of the recent testimony.

Darknimbus3 0 months

🐄 💩 At first they were going towards drug overdose. Then I bet you they were pressured by the outrage mob a/d/or the radical leftist agenda into suddenly shifting to this.

g. 0 months

Reading most of these comments I'm sure they would be different if it would have been a drunk white man in a business suit and a black officer

Sigfried 0 months

Medical expert gives opinion contrary to evidence and factual testimony provided thus far by her fellow prosecutorial witnesses who also were of the opinion Chauvin was guilty. Film at 11.

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