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Texas resident arrested over attempts to ’blow up’ Amazon Web Services center

Texas resident arrested over attempts to ’blow up’ Amazon Web Services center

A Texas resident, Seth Aaron Pendley, was taken into custody on Thursday for attempts to procure ’explosives from an undercover agent in Fort Worth.’ Authorities suggest that Pendley’s target was an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center in Ashburn. His online chats revealed his desire to ’kill off about 70% of the internet.’

James 3 weeks

Given that these data centers have back ups, which also have back ups, and they are located all over the world, Mr. Dumbass clearly had no idea how ineffective his plan was. And access security is similar to Fort Knox.

george 3 weeks

You can't just waltz into a data center. Security is too high. You see them all over northern VA. They look about as tough as a military base.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

Ah good ol republican nuts. Are any republicans ashamed that their party carries a sh!t ton of domestic terrorists. It's obvious the republicans are on the losing side of history just like the civil war.

Mutatis 3 weeks

"The confidential source introduced Pendley to a supposed explosives supplier who was actually an undercover FBI agent."

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 weeks

more tex(-o-) ery Am underwhelmed!

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

Really? I get that the internet is cancerous, but really?

Robo 3 weeks

Damn, it's a shame he was caught. I hope this becomes more common. If the government won't reign in corporate tyranny, then people must take matters into their own hands.

Indo 3 weeks

Ah well, its the US aka wild wild west. No place for softies. Physically, mentally or both.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 3 weeks

He clearly didn't watch Terminator 3. Not that anyone should. But nothing is stand-alone.

Alex 3 weeks

Another Trump supporter yippee

michael 3 weeks

Aw, I was hoping he was pro-labor but he's just a typically violent luddite.

Cole. 3 weeks

So wait this was a baiting thing? He didnt even commit a crime yet? This feels morally wrong because who else would he have gotten the stuff from except the people baiting him.

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