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House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Matt Gaetz

House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Matt Gaetz

The House Ethics Committee announced Friday it has launched an investigation into alleged misconduct by Rep. Matt Gaetz following a recent flurry of accusations, including illegal drug use and sexual misconduct. A statement from the committee noted that the existence of the investigation ’does not indicate that any violation has occurred.’ Gaetz has confirmed he is under investigation by the DOJ.

Aleks 0 months

Nobody is slandering him... they are just saying he had sex with a lot of women for money. Women his buddy procured for him. There are receipts that prove that already. We are still waiting to see if some of those women were below the legal age... Morally it just show what he decided to use his power for... personal gratification... given that he was Trump’s lap dog this is no surprise... he was sleezy all right... he will not be missed... like the Anthony Weener of the right....

Iam 0 months

In a country full of sexual improprieties, they target one side but not the other. Double standards avail

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 0 months

Were they right about Pizza Gaetz after all? Did they just misspell the name and get the wrong party? Only time will tell.

Taurus 0 months

This is what happens folks when you go against the establishment

riheg 0 months

Good. Too bad for him his last name isn’t Clinton

Csaba 0 months

So Epstein is no longer relevent? Durham report? What's going on????

Heidi 0 months

Investigate Hunter you traders!

Rafael 0 months

This newsy is biased against democrats you allow the right to say what ever they want. But the left can't respond?

David 4 weeks

House ethics is an oxymoron, like military intelligence.

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

Should've changed ur name to biden

Glen 0 months

Another attempt by the left to slander someone with false facts.

James 0 months

So slam dunk with receipt’s that he hasn’t been charged with anything. SMH.

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