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McConnell slams Biden’s executive order on SCOTUS

McConnell slams Biden’s executive order on SCOTUS

Senate Minority Leader McConnell slammed President Biden’s new commission studying potential changes to the Supreme Court. Biden’s commission aims to study topics including whether to add more seats to the nation’s highest court. McConnell released a statement calling Biden’s commission a ’direct assault on our nation’s independent judiciary.’

Irish 3 weeks

If the left cant get their way, change the system until they can, right Joe!?!?! 🙄 9 SCOTUS is plenty, packing more in only undermines the very safeguards put in place to help ensure the necessary integrity our courts need.

James 3 weeks

ALL political appointments (including ALL judicial appointments) need to be subject to term limits.

Rocky 3 weeks

Doesn't matter if he did add to the court. What does he think will happen in 2024 when the people give him the boot and the next guy gets in. Obviously we will add more to balance it out again. This is a really bad move by old Beijing Biden's handlers. It's just like when the Dems blocked a judge and then Mitch did it to Merrick Garland. The Dems never realize that the underhanded tactics they use always come back on them twice as hard.

Dawlben 3 weeks

There is nothing in the US constitution limiting the number for SCOTUS. However, there is a law limiting the number. Judiciary Act of 1869

Omega 3 weeks

Give it a day. McConnell will reverse his opinion. Then a day later he'll switch back to his original opinion. The next day, who knows? I don't know if Mitch doesn't get the whole picture before making his initial comments, is insane, has memory issues, alzheimer's, or just has no consistent opinion / moral compass on anything.

michael 3 weeks

No, the direct assault happened when republicans decided that rules they made for Obama didn't apply to trump. Repubs DESERVE to have the scotus expanded out from under them or to have all scotus terms become non life terms.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 weeks

Sit down and stfu cocaine mitch.

tim 3 weeks

Moscow you don't get an opinion. In fact all political lifers need to STFU and dissappear already. Pelosi Grassley Schumer Graham etc Too many geriatrics to list. 12 years max in the Capitol. Then FO already.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Adding justices simply to get your party into the majority destroys the separation of powers and will make the court nothing more than a tool for the current administration. Vote didn't turn out your way? Just add some more voters that will. What else in life works that way?

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

Remember when he said he wouldnt pack the courts in the debates? Pepperidge farms remembers. #Hypocrite

Charles 3 weeks

SLAMS? Political news coverage blows dog man.

Mark East
Mark East 3 weeks

McConnell the hypocrite

Jon 3 weeks

Show me where in the constitution the SC can only be 9 justices. I'll wait...oh btw the number of justices has changed multiple times throughout history.

Randall 3 weeks

So just looking into something is a bad thing to do?

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