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China slaps Alibaba with $2.8 billion fine in anti-monopoly probe

China slaps Alibaba with $2.8 billion fine in anti-monopoly probe

Chinese regulators hit Alibaba with a $2.8B fine in its anti-monopoly investigation, saying the company abused its market dominance. The investigation that opened in December was focused around a practice by the tech giant that forces merchants to choose one of two platforms, rather than being able to work with both. In addition to the fine, Alibaba will have to file compliance reports.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Wish america would do that to our monopolies instead they fine them like a million or a couple hundred thousand.

Nickel 0 months

Well they had a 23 and a half billion dollar profit last year so the fine isn't too much of a hit

jo‌‌n 0 months

Jack Ma criticized the corrupt financial system in China, was disappeared for months and now has stepped down from his leadership roles and his companies are being dissolved by the totalitarian Communist government. and morōns in the West look at this line clapping circuits seals arfing, "looks they dun gots tha bigguy! issa bad bad money man! hooray for government". ☹️

Goi 4 weeks

2.8 billion? More like a takeover. But instead of the buyer paying the seller, it's the seller who pays the buyer.

TexasReb 4 weeks

What's a few billion and a three month re-education camp for Jack Ma?

Chris Wright
Chris Wright 4 weeks

I’m okay with trustbusting, as it is often necessary as in the case of Theodore Roosevelt. But this seems like China is just busting a company whose leader has criticized the nature of the government there.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 4 weeks

Weird capitalists will break laws to make more profit. I wonder what else they will do to lower the bottom line.

America 0 months

Then I shld invest in alibaba.

good4you 4 weeks

Good money for vaccine diplomacy

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

like they'll ever pay!

Faittastic 0 months

Biting more than they can chew

John 0 months

China is punishing someone for unfair business practices? China? Hahahahahahahaha! ... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! What were they not kicking enough back to the government?

James 0 months

The CCP are just keeping their own in check.

Cole. 0 months

monopoly? Yeah ok more like they got too powerful for the chinese to handle so they shut them down

Abhijeet 0 months

Why doesn’t America slap such a fine to Amazon. That company needs to get a beating.

Nick 3 weeks

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