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US army officer to sue Virginia police officers over December assault

US army officer to sue Virginia police officers over December assault

Caron Nazario, a Black Latino, decided to sue two Virginia police officers on the basis of a traffic stop incident in December last year. The second lieutenant in the US army, Nazario, was confronted at a traffic stop by the two policemen who pointed their guns at him (Nazario), indicated execution and then pepper sprayed him.

Tony 0 months

On camera the cops said "He should be scared ". They pulled weapons on him when they exited the car for missing a license tag which was taped to the window. They threatened him not to complain about the treatment, on camera. This is exactly why people do not like cops. You cannot train hate out of a person. These two need to have their police powers revoked and serve prision time.

John 0 months

Law enforcement officers in this country are out of control because there’s no accountability

Mutatis 0 months

Meh, after looking into the story it is not so black and white. As, while the cops might have responded better, the guy managed to make the situation worse with every decision he made.

jamie 0 months

Man so much to break down in this situation. I’ve seen a few others say in comments and stated correctly that the traffic stop became invalid once the officers saw the tag taped inside the window. That said at the time the officers saw it they were already in the midst of executing a de facto felony stop because they believed that the vehicle was “fleeing” . It would probably have to be litigated but they were still probably going to be ruled ok on the stop to that point. That leads me to a tip, ppl wanting to get to a well lit area or with ppl around is a legitimate justifiable concern that should be more accepted and recommended especially with ppl that impersonate officers at times. But I must stress if someone plans to do that if you are able get on the phone to the department preferably non emergency number but 911 if need be so that dispatch can relay to the officer intentions to get to a better lit or populated area. If that’s not an option maintain speed and attempt to let the officer know you at least acknowledge the stop. It is still probably going to suck I’m just being honest. Another thing I can’t stress enough, even if you know the cops are wrong PLEASE politely comply get out the car if asked and comply all the way to arrest if need be. You will only beat cops operating in an illegal act in court. Dont risk further escalation comply and then own their A$$ in court. As for the officers, I think most of us know the term “ride the lightning” refers to getting tased. It’s an unprofessional term. Cant stand it. Also both officers barking orders just adds chaos if doing a felony stop or something similar one person only should be giving commands. Adrenaline gets pumping and sometimes training goes out the window. If the cops could have chilled out acknowledge his concerns and worked with him I am pretty sure the stop would have been good. Those officers though were absolutely wrong and hopefully this LT’s law suit can be a wake up call to the department. ( I know a few on here that will be surprised by this stance lol. Wrong is wrong though)

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Almost like all the other cases. And him being in the military he should know 100% DO AS YOU'RE TOLD. If he treated his superior like that he'd be running for days, working in the kitchen, and on fire watch for a week. Then if the cops are way out of line you can then sue them because you compiled and are still alive. Only words out of your mouth should be "yes office, ok officer, no problem officer"

mister 0 months

"Black US army officer evading police sues White police officers for doing their job"

Eric 0 months

Yeah. I am pro cop and cooperation when stopped. These guys make it difficult, everybody that jas a badge does not have the people skills to talk and handle simple issues, instead they come out talking terribly from the begining i was stopped this morning, drove about a mile to get to a side street off a busy road. Officer approached asked for license, i gave it to him, he issued my citation for speeding, i shook his hand and thanked him, and we both went about our day.

Gregory 0 months

Notice how Fox and other right wing news outlets never report this type of thing.

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