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Cities throughout US prepare for white nationalist rallies on April 11

Cities throughout US prepare for white nationalist rallies on April 11

Various cities across the United States are preparing for White supremacist rallies intended to take place on April 11. Dozens of said events have been discussed and planned on social media as well as through the encrypted messaging app Telegram. It is unlikely that these events, if they occur at all, will reach the same magnitude as the infamous and deadly ’Unite the Right’ rally in 2017.

Randy 0 months

It's probably just more manufactured nonsense. But if it isn't, I day the same thing to them that I say to BLM. Races don't matter. Lives do. (Geez I wish I didn't have to waste all my edits on fixing autocorrect...gboard is incompetent)

Jason 0 months

I'm white, and my life matters. My neighbor is black, and his life matters too. We hang out and drink beer and it's a great thing. Politicians on the far of both sides just want political gain by dividing us from our neighbors. I'm sick of people who never deal with regular, and mostly peaceful life, tell us how bad it is from their gated homes with armed guards. That's why I hate all people equally.

Seekster 0 months

I say this about BLM and I will say it about WLM, when you fixate on race you create racists. We should aim to create a world where skin color is viewed as being no more significant than eye color.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 0 months

Why is it only the left that has a problem with the phrase “All Lives Matter”. Wasn’t it always the goal to tear down division and bring everyone into the fold of humanity underneath the banner of progress?

Potato 0 months

At no point does the article provide evidence these are white supremisists, yet uses colorful negative language to describe them. It also paints them as a coming menace which is a bit unfair

Sigfried 0 months

Newsvoice, Since when can a story get away with 1 article? And from Newsweek who has shown BLM favoritism at that.

TaxTheRich 0 months

Where were the All lives matter reactionaries under the last few shootings? That's right because all lives matter is just that a, reactionary movement to Black lives matter because some poor incels feel under-represented, I have a feeling the same people who listen to Ben Shapiro, Cucker Carlson, and Jordan Peterson.

Cole. 0 months

Oh whites are protesting? Might as well tell the boys to go home cuz its not like anything gonna happen just wait til lthe sun sets and they'll all go home to watch tv and drink beer

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 4 weeks

While the article doesn't offer much evidence at all, I wouldn't be surprised if a WLM rally is white supremacist. After all, BLM is full of black supremacists. All Lives Matter.

John W
John W 4 weeks

Nobody should play BLM's racists games. No racist black or white lives matter. Race is an outdated concept. DNA has proven there is no black/African race, whites are not all the same either. Why not just pick purple, green. Two racist don't make a right. Larger Genetic Differences Within Africans Than Between Africans and Eurasians Stop thinking about race as being real, it's made up.

Brad 4 weeks

I get to watch y'all RIP each other apart again. How many cities are you gonna burn before you realise only elites lives matter.

michael 0 months

What exactly are they protesting? Whites aren't being systemically attacked. Police aren't killing them in disproportionate numbers, they aren't going to jail in disproportionate numbers, they aren't even being prosecuted in proportionate numbers. The white cops who've been killing black people throughout their protests against being killed mostly have been getting no reprecussions. Is it potato-head, aunt jemima and doctor seuss? Are they angry that corporations are self correcting to stay relevant to modern consumers?

Rafael 0 months

This white lives matter protest isn't fooling anyone we all know what their true intent is. The right is really pushing their luck.

Leonard 0 months

I very much agree, White Lives Matter. I should certainly hope so. Hate to see any loss of life, they are matter. So, I'd go to the rally but I'm afraid of BEING CALLED A FN RACIST!!!!!

Charles 4 weeks

On March 13, Breonna Taylor, an emergency-room technician, was killed by Louisville, Kentucky, police officers serving a no-knock warrant to find a cache of drugs that did not exist; months later, one of the officers was fired but no charges were filed. That plus George Floyd, regardless of his past, made people take to the streets.

Eric 0 months

Too funny. I see the article says white supremacists rallies,haha, then we can assume also BLM are black supremacists rallies, right?! Idiots, all of it!

Brian 4 weeks

This is just more of the left inventing more division. So sad that this country is melting before our eyes. If you don't see what is going on here , you are blind , stupid or both.

Viviko 4 weeks

Lmao... Next I suppose we’ll have an Asian Lives’atter movement.

Tengu 4 weeks

The unite the right rally involved between 200 and 600 people after six months of planning. And it's unlikely any of these "events" (read, a thread that some journo probably started on social media) will be as big as that? Why is this news?

eclipseNF 4 weeks

Oy vey

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