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DKO 8 months
Good thing Saudi Arabia is in the UN Human Rights Council, they can start investigating themselves right away!
Oliver Biscuit 8 months
The entire council is made up of nations with the most egregious violations of human rights. Makes it easier to know whats unacceptable when the standard is set so low.
Jus Saying 8 months
It's amazing what money can buy you these days.
Daddy Tito 8 months
That would be like if Iran was head of the counterterrorism part of the UN. Oh wait they are.

Petri Fide 8 months
The most surprising thing is that for a country that stones women for being raped, does public beheading and mutilations in a town square as some spectator sport and is host to the holiest of sights of a religion that openly teaches the killing of people of every other religion .... and then people are shocked on how they treat journalist.
Justin Kidd 8 months
You're just Islamophobic and racist. Islam is the religion of peace. Islamic terrorism has nothing to with Islam.

Avi Khait 8 months
Maybe this is how the Saudis say hello? Show some respect, it's their culture.

George Ashworth 8 months
seems like a delightful place to visit.

Jaye 8 months
So horrible and disturbing

Mike Clark 8 months
Islam has truly made this place peaceful
Brett Ellis 8 months
Don't forget feminist
M.Twain 8 months
Or Christianity

Amalek 8 months
Another drama shithole of Saudia Arabia. These people think they tuff and do whatever want! Of course when truths being exposed by this cult! 💯💯👈👈

Scribbler G 8 months
I don’t care. Brutal regimes all around the world murder and kidnap and jail their own people every day. It’s the way of most of the uncivilized work. We are the exception, they are the norm. We I. The West have go to stop presuming the world shares our values and clothing our pearls when they don’t. In other word, we need to grow up.
Hubert Żurawik 8 months
^ This
maadning 8 months
That is not even true. We trained Noriega, remember? i remember. We were behind the coup that installed Pinochet. There is so much blood on our hands we can never claim to be the exception just because we put on a polite face.
Hubert Żurawik 8 months
"Our hands". You mean the government hands.

Euronjuusto999 8 months
This is horrible

Dmitry Paradny 8 months
Quick, sanction Russia!
Free Speech 8 months
lol. What about Nemtsov? You forgot?
Justin Kidd 8 months
Anna Politkovskaya?
Dmitry Paradny 8 months
Seth Rich

Illini Legatus 8 months
Is this the guy who was complaining about apu for attention?

Hubert Żurawik 8 months
This is getting ridiculous...

Christopher Harbutt 8 months
Good to see this evil regime exposed.

Heart Of Gold 8 months
They have room temperature IQs yet they supposedly carried out 911. Funny thing about those dancing Israelis. The FBI still refuses to release the photos.
ElKobolte 8 months
"they" are a population 30 million people. the 911 crew were all students in hard disciplines like mechanical engineering. it's like someone compares the whole us-population to an alligator fucking rednack and then ask the question how nasa mad it to the moon... get your shit together.
Avi Khait 8 months
Dancing in the streets and giving away candies were the Palestinians. In fact, they celebrated 9/11 so much that their supporters went into damage control mode and disseminated photos of Arafat (dead in 2004) "donating" blood. The Israelis actually grieved with us, because they experienced the horrors of Islamist terrorism daily. But hey, when did facts stopped antisemitic conspiracy theories? Haters gonna hate.
M.Twain 8 months
Hey H of G, how can a group of people with so much power be one of the most persecuted groups in history? Why don't they own the mid-east with all their power they weld.

david dindu 8 months
jim accosta needs to investigate this

Bernice Shaw 8 months
it's so sad how people really take away ur freedoms