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Watheverable GRAMPS 4 days
If leftists didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all!
RandomusCuntikus 4 days
the left "Yes we have standards" the right "What would those be" the left "Oh it's so complicated I hardly have the time to explain it all to you"

Will H 4 days
holy mother of biased headlines...

DKO 4 days
The party that is openly racist against white people, now surprised not enough white people voted for them. It turns out, people don't like being attacked, specially on the basis of their immutable characteristics.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 days
I'm sure more articles attacking "white women" will help the left in 2020 😂

RebornZA 4 days
It's okay to be white.
Aight Bradley 3 days
*chorus of RHEEEEEES echoing in the distance*

Spartacus 4 days
Yup keep pushing identity politics, because that’s been working for ya so far
Jan 3 days
Works for the Republicans.
danielsan 3 days
all politics is identity politics
Herbie Goes Bananas 3 days
@Jan Ah the good ol' "I know you are, but what am I" argument the left loves so much.

Illini Legatus 4 days
The tone deaf racism of the left is incredible.

Simon Ranson 4 days
Racist democrats hate whites.
Heart Of Gold 3 days
It is the Jews, not democrats. Supposed Republican Bill Kristol gloated about how demographics change voting patterns. Jewish professors like Noel Ignatiev call for an spend to whiteness. Jews were behind the 1965 immigration law change

Mad Malthus 4 days
How dare white women exercise their right to vote in ways contrary to how some self-described women's rights advocates wish them to!
Stephen Hume 4 days
I thought the Democrats were pro choice... Guess that doesn't apply to making the "wrong" choice...

Atheist Biologist 4 days
Imagine if anyone, on any side of the political divide, were to say some of these things about black women voters. Just imagine the screeching and the general "reeeee-ing".
Jan 3 days
Alright, let's see what happens. And before you #NotAllBlackWomen me (which will get you blocked) tell me you are COMMITTED to flipping 10 of your ebony friends from blue to red by 2020. It’s not enough to be “not racist.” You must be *anti-racist.*
Princess Pea 3 days
Not everyone cares about anyone's race for any reason. Many of us are beyond sick and tired of everything being about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We are human beings, and should ALL treat each other as such. It's actually possible, but first we have to stop MAKING everything about identity, perceived or otherwise.
Jan 3 days
Most of it comes from the Right. Seriously, the Left screeches but the Right starts murdering people. Those are not remotely equivalent. You can just ignore the screeching after all.

Daddy Tito 4 days
You mean vaginas aren’t hardwired to their brains? Shit! The DNC needs to come up with a new plan pronto!

DKooper 4 days
women with wrongthink. they shan't be allowed have their own views and opinions and must follow the crowd of lefties for their own good. Shun the non-believers!

JR Ybarra 4 days
Don't interrupt your opponents when they are making a mistake.

Jason J Mitchell 4 days
let's see... Some people are placed into a bigoted category and then didn't vote the way a particular political group wants, and as such they are being scapegoated for blame in a misogynistic and racist categorization, to thereby guilt them into voting a particular way next time.

nate hall 4 days
Will we ever live in a time when sex and race doesn’t matter?
Al J 3 days
Unfortunately I think those times are gone, at least for the next 2 or so generations, or hopefully enough gen zeders will skip the indoctrination farm and bring us back from the brink
danielsan 3 days
Only to the extent that the legacies of slavery, jim crow, lynchings, redlining, blockbusting, gentrification, the war on drugs, and mass incarceration continue to go unaddressed.
Herbie Goes Bananas 3 days
@danielsan so how long do we have to pay for things we had no hand in and have no effect today? War on drugs and mass incarceration? Are you implying that people of color do more drugs, or that they're incapable of obeying the law?

Korvin Carry 4 days
take into account that california only had democrats running. kinda misleading.
Princess Pea 3 days
No, there were some Republicans. I know, because I voted for all of them.

TheBornOfFire 4 days
skin colour, as always a prominent important factor. there's no hope.
Simon Ranson 4 days
Non white groups vote democrat. Check the demographics.
Tin Ego 3 days
The collection of statistics based on ethnicity should be banned as it is in France. That would be a move against racism but you won’t find the left calling for it anytime soon...can’t think why
Simon Ranson 3 days
The races are different. Evolution didn't stop at the neck. Stop being offended and engage with reality. It makes a lot more sense why the dems hate white heterosexual men when they're the only demographic who reliably vote conservative.

Sen Elizabeth Warren 4 days
people is a free society should vote how they please!

Frank Zolchak (FZiii) 3 days
Be a good lil lady and vote for who I tell you to. You don’t need to get all mixed up in that stuff of thinking for your self. Now give me some money and get me a sandwich. ... AND THAT IS NOT WHAT THE GOP IS SAYING

Rachel 3 days
The fact that the left tries to tell me that I'm "evil" for pretty much every trait I have except being a woman (I’m also straight, very white, Christian, pro life, and pro 2A) and call me a "traitor to my gender" for the last 3 of those things is just sad. Their screeching and the names they call me and others similar to me drives me further and further away from them.
Princess Pea 3 days
Indeed. If I never get called a traitor to my gender again, it'll be too soon!

Guess Who 3 days
Onley left-wing liberals have to distinguish race among individuals.