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Jacqueline Hagedorn 8 months
Lol! So the social engineering being executed by the left for years went haywire somewhere; now they are working on new plan to socially engineer white women more intensely before the next election. They don't want anyone having an opinion that doesn't coincide with their agenda . The left are looking / sounding more insane by the day.

MightyMargulis 8 months
who would of thought, the physically weaker sex votes for the party that lets them have guns, the thing that takes physical strength out of the equation in qn attempted assault.

Cary Brown 8 months
When did the left become so outright racist? Theirs is a baffling non-argument, so the Democrats are supposedly entitled to all women's votes in their identity politics fantasy land?

Aniolel Seer 8 months
Not only is that sexist comment but it is racist. No one on the right is using such rhetoric.

Prismarine 8 months
The left aren't happy when people don't blindly conform to their identity standards.

Jimmy P 8 months
white people this and white people that.

Guess Who 8 months
women no how corrupt the school system is all liberal biased b******* school system not to mention when they grow up and go to all b******* biased College one sided nonsense disgusting point of view not letting any other point of view welcomed

graffitj 8 months
because they’re not letting the left push the victim mentality on them any longer

Darth Quaint 8 months
"da huwite women aren't voting like I want, reeeeeeee!"

Rachel 8 months
The fact that the left tries to tell me that I'm "evil" for pretty much every trait I have except being a woman (I’m also straight, very white, Christian, pro life, and pro 2A) and call me a "traitor to my gender" for the last 3 of those things is just sad. Their screeching and the names they call me and others similar to me drives me further and further away from them.
Princess Pea 8 months
Indeed. If I never get called a traitor to my gender again, it'll be too soon!

Tin Ego 8 months
Obviously the left don’t feel women are equal enough to vote how they choose especially if they are white

Roboo 8 months
Well when you are openly and blatantly racist against white people in general, it is only natural to expect those same people to not vote for you. Liberals have strayed way to far into the extreme and it is only hurting them.

Jus Saying 8 months
Why are they surprised by this? You've been playing identity politics, basically saying if you don't vote our way you're either a racist, sexist, white nationalist, bigot, nazi... let me know if I've missed any. But this is the reason people "white woman" are walking away, people don't like being told how to think! The fact their saying "white woman" is the bloody problem!!

<3nature 8 months
Why so fired up? Was it from reading the ijr article? If so, seems to take some Twitter posts to apply toward the fury.. as far as I can tell.

Helm 8 months
Is age a factor? Older voting Rep maybe

Der Rikmeister 8 months
Wow, talk about revealing your hand. When you can't win over someone by a reasoned argument, just appeal to shaming with sexism and racism. It's scary how quickly some will throw out individual freedom (of others) for the sake of power and security.

Kable tha Kiid 8 months
It’s not JUST the white ones...hehehehe....

Frank Zolchak (FZiii) 8 months
Be a good lil lady and vote for who I tell you to. You don’t need to get all mixed up in that stuff of thinking for your self. Now give me some money and get me a sandwich. ... AND THAT IS NOT WHAT THE GOP IS SAYING

Guess Who 8 months
Onley left-wing liberals have to distinguish race among individuals.

Tin Ego 8 months
Will America ever rid itself of racist politicians and race based politics?