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VaasDC 8 months
honestly... this just seems like hes tring to make a point.

Eileen Dover 8 months
I would like to self-identify as 65 do I can quit my job and sue cause the reason they didn’t promote me was due to age discrimination. Then I can start collecting a pension and join AARP, and get discounts. Oh, I would also like to identify as disabled for the placard. Hope this guy wins his lawsuit and blazes that trail for me.

Justin Kidd 8 months
Well europe is already filled with illegal unknown bearded children who can decide their own age and nationality.

John Campbell 8 months
If Rachel Dolezal, a white woman can claim to be black, if men can claim to be women and vice versa, why not?

the terrible rabbit of death 8 months
so 16 year old will identify as 22 to by beer ?

Havoc44 8 months
God bless the Dutch👌

Connor 8 months

Mathijs Panhuijsen 8 months
Ratelband is something of a celebrity in the Netherlands. He rose to fame in the 1990s with his motivational books and courses, but became most known for his eccentricity and lavish lifestyle. For example, he named two of his sons Rolls and Royce. I have no doubt that the fact that he’s making international headlines with this publicity stunt means he can die a happy man, regardless of the outcome.
Harpudal 8 months
Nice comment.

Harpudal 8 months
I had to double check to make sure this wasn't Rolf Harris...

Hubert Żurawik 8 months
Just wait for the attack helicopters...
Rational ific 8 months
If I'm an Apache attack helicopter but I'm white, is that cultural appropriation? Well, it seems to work for Elizabeth Warren, at least.

Bryan Bessette 8 months
I'm confused why this story is topping the charts. Is this really such a big deal in contrast with everything else happening in the world? I'm legitimately curious.

DKO 8 months
Back in the day, if someone identified as "Napoleon", we would put him in a padded room, for his own safety, wearing extra-long sleeves. He might just be taking the piss on the postmodern culture, or he might actually be mentally ill. But, because this behavior is now encouraged, we can't tell, and we can't stop them.
VaasDC 8 months
you're talking of the good old days... ya... let it go friend... let it go.

Tristan Durose 8 months
That is a silver fox of a gentleman, hope I look that at his age. He'll I hope I loom that good at 49 let alone 60+. lucky barstard.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
He is a lovely looking man isn't he? Reminds me of Rolf Harris.
O'Brien 8 months
Jake the Peg with his extra leg?
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
Two little boys, Tie me kangaroo down, Ken you see what it is yit? What a legend!😁

Princess Pea 8 months
Oh, but we shouldn't speak of slippery slopes, because they're not real and we're nothing but crazy conspiracy theorists!
Rational ific 8 months
I used to think that the slippery slope argument was false... until I saw it happen time after time with my own eyes.

Lord Flasheart 8 months
OMFG. Why am i not suprised to see this.

Illini Legatus 8 months
Your move Florida man.

Mr. Monday Moans 8 months
OK. This isn't good. While I strongly believe there should be a left and right wing, the left have clearly gone too far. For some reason the extreme left is still a thing in the media. It's led to this. There should be no extremes left or right. To the right wing reading this, the smart left will soon see this extreme has gone too far.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
Yes. Its disgusting. How could anyone condone a guy who doesn't want to look like he is dating his own mother when he takes her out to dinner. It must be a leftist conspiracy.

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
I am all for this. I want to be legally older so I can start recieving my government pension, heating allowances, free prescriptions, get my loft insulated,bus pass and get away with being a cranky old git. Its a beezer idea.

Jackie Ceasor 8 months
I'd like to identify as 14 so I can get rid of these student loans.

Dustin 8 months
Slippery? Meet slope.