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KeitoNinja 8 months
We all knew this was coming. Whether or not you agree with the virtue of encouraging legal self-reported identity, it is clear that the line becomes more and more blurry the more it gets pushed back. The whole "I identify as an attack helicopter" cliche may be an exaggeration, but it points to a relevant truth.

flinx101 8 months
Hey I need to change my age to 16 so I can date high school girls. I'm 52 BTW.
Thijs 8 months
If you have money you might get one

SimonR 8 months
Ben Shapiro won't be able to use "why aren't you sixty" anymore 😔
Daddy Tito 8 months
It doesn’t matter he’s onto meme reviews now.
SimonR 8 months
I watched that at work today.
Christopher Harbutt 8 months
Or they’ve just proved him right.

Cybersinke 8 months
Dutch “man”?! Did journalists just assume his gender?
Thijs 8 months
Or his nationality, maybe he is a 45 year old greek

Der Rikmeister 8 months
How is it possible that a man does this before a woman? How odd.
Talek 8 months
I dunno, with comments like "I am a young god" and "my doctor said I have the body of a 45 year old" he seems to fit the stereotype of an old man who thinks he's a fucking stallion even though he's past his prime. I see your point, but I'm not surprised that it was a man.
Voice of Reason 8 months
Women have just been lying about their age since before the internet even existed. If anything this guy is several thousand years late to the party.
Der Rikmeister 8 months
I guess I'm just surprises no woman has tried to do this through legal channels (as far as I know). To be honest, I wonder if it would make it too obvious and hence, why a self-absorbed man would be the first. Seriously, though, when a woman tries to hide her age, I just assume she's much older than she looks.

cledge fenrir 8 months
so.... I take it Transage is now a thing.
Captain Cheese 8 months
There was this other dude that claimed he was a teenage girl or something so this isn’t surprising to me anymore
Aight Bradley 8 months
There is that old guy who left his wife and kids to live as a "little girl" and calls himself "Stefoknee" or some other corrupted spelling...
Jimmy P 8 months
therea a guy who says he is a 5 year old girl.

Matt N 8 months
Well biological facts don't exist these days so... Wonder when the sane majority will finally say enough is enough to identity politics?
A Car Guy 8 months
Eventually there won't be a sane majority; we'll be the minority. And soon enough, opposing opinions (or in many cases, facts) will be completely censored. I guess George Orwell wal only half a century or so off...

Armando Martinez 8 months
He's a 29 year old trapped in a 69 year old body haha
Moogle Joestar 8 months
Aren't we all?
Thijs 8 months
He feels like he is 16, so it isn't pedophilia.
Rational ific 8 months
Thijs: And the 16 year old identifies as an old man, so it is he/xe who gets charged with the statutory rape of a 16-year old in a 69-year old's body. It's complicated...

Dustin 8 months
Slippery? Meet slope.

MightyMargulis 8 months
well of he identifies as a 49yr old were zll bigots for saying otherwise.

Alex Stovall 8 months
I identify as 21, let me get that drink
Thijs 8 months
Move to a country with a better drinking age
Alex Stovall 8 months
@Thjis after I graduate I will lmao

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
I am all for this. I want to be legally older so I can start recieving my government pension, heating allowances, free prescriptions, get my loft insulated,bus pass and get away with being a cranky old git. Its a beezer idea.

Aight Bradley 8 months
If a man can "become" a woman why can't a 60 year old "become" a 20 year old? I smell age-ism...

Mathijs Panhuijsen 8 months
Ratelband is something of a celebrity in the Netherlands. He rose to fame in the 1990s with his motivational books and courses, but became most known for his eccentricity and lavish lifestyle. For example, he named two of his sons Rolls and Royce. I have no doubt that the fact that he’s making international headlines with this publicity stunt means he can die a happy man, regardless of the outcome.
Harpudal 8 months
Nice comment.

FraktalFace 8 months
pervy weirdos.

Planned Obsoylescence 8 months
I have nothing good to say about this.... Dear Mr. Dutchy McTrans-age, go fuck yourself cunt. What a fucking retard.

Hubert Żurawik 8 months
Just wait for the attack helicopters...
Rational ific 8 months
If I'm an Apache attack helicopter but I'm white, is that cultural appropriation? Well, it seems to work for Elizabeth Warren, at least.

Illini Legatus 8 months
Your move Florida man.

flinx101 8 months
Oh sure, why not?

Mr. Monday Moans 8 months
OK. This isn't good. While I strongly believe there should be a left and right wing, the left have clearly gone too far. For some reason the extreme left is still a thing in the media. It's led to this. There should be no extremes left or right. To the right wing reading this, the smart left will soon see this extreme has gone too far.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 8 months
Yes. Its disgusting. How could anyone condone a guy who doesn't want to look like he is dating his own mother when he takes her out to dinner. It must be a leftist conspiracy.