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Bookie Econ 3 days
Michigan just legalize recreational marijuana. If Iowa becomes the next state to legalize recreational use , then what do you think the new cash crop will be? Can you image the amount of money that will be going to Canada and Mexico for Marijuana tourism.
Jez Arthur 3 days
Mexico will have to build a fence to keep white caravans of invaders, some of them very scary people and members of the KKK, who just want to smoke all their weed and sit around stoned not contributing anything to society.
RebornZA 3 days
@Jez I'm going to assume there is some major sarcasm...
Jez Arthur 3 days
Reborn, I hope you are having fun! I was aiming more for parody. The word sarcasm has such a hard, grating unkind feeling to it. I would never want to find myself being unkind to anyone. Parody feels more gentle and hopefully causes a few smile muscles to twitch. May something lovely happen to you today.

Max Maidment 3 days
This could be big for Mexico and America. Fuck the cartels

Spike 3 days
This has already been a Mexico Supreme Court affair for a couple of years, it doesn't really matter what any party wants.
Itauhki Solis Mendoza 2 days
It kind of does, Morena, the party in question has a big number of senators, basically it was a complete turnabout in comparison to how it was before. The then dominant party, the PRI had a majority until the last election where I think more than 60% of the senators elected were from Morena.
Spike Yesterday
I'm Mexican, that's why I'm informing the process is years old, predating last Summer's elections. Supreme court-issued amparos created a legal precedent that can't be taken back years ago.

Kenneth 3 days
Well I know where I'm going on my next vacation. ¡Vamonos! ¡Date prisa, ve rápido! South to the border.

Jez Arthur 3 days
Wot? No edibles? Red tape to inhibit private cultivation? Where's the money-is-speech behind this move coming from? Philip Morris, British American? All of the big 5? Lol.
Justin Kidd 3 days
They want to regulate it and get taxes. You can still grow a pound for private use per year.
Jez Arthur 3 days
Justin, I am sure the tax revenue plays no small part but I was left with the impression it was mainly to curb gang violence. Having to register is a bit off-putting was what I was thinking. Is some inspector going to come round randomly while you are enjoying your home? I can't see the point if they are going to make an appointment. Is a pound a year sufficient? I know a pound of most other things would not get me through a year.
Beisht Kione 3 days
a pound of weed a year should do you just fine. If you need more, go to a dispensary and buy more.

Justin Kidd 3 days
Only an ounce? What a bummer. 🥺

Illini Legatus 3 days
Don de es mota?

Kim T 2 days
wondering if that will help crime from that side