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Lee Lee 3 months
CNN and their lawyers have tech people who can analyze the tape, compare it to the authentic original, and determine whether Huckabee tweeted a fake/doctored video. Our guesses mean nothing. If CNN chooses, they’ll pursue this. They probably will not do so b/c enraging trump is not in anyone’s best interest. Huckabee is a pawn, but a willing pawn. Her lies throughout her tenure are legend; but whether this is a lie is yet to be seen... if indeed CNN pursues it.
technomarineco 3 months
I ve seen the original raw footage and the one that HuckaSands tweeted side by side, frame by frame. The videos are in sync except at the moment when the intern grabs the mic and it pauses in the edited version whereas the original raw footage shows a continuous flow - and then in the edited version, after the pause, it’s sped up to show as if Acosta had made a chopping down motion. Why would this be doctored unless to fit a narrative?
O'Brien 3 months
Visual effects artist here. If you speed up a sequence of frames they will play faster, that section will be shorter, the trailing frames will "ripple" forward in time and the overall clip will be shorter in duration. The C-Span and SHS clip line up perfectly frame for frame throughout the sequence till the end. If the "chop" sequence was sped the following portion of video would be out of sync with CSpan one which it isn't. The only way to speed up part of the sequence and not change the overall length is to create extra frames elsewhere in the sequence through to compensate in a program like Twixtor that interpolates the optical flow of the pixels. These are very obvious. There are none.