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MT144 8 months
Shoot-to-kill! Shoot-to-kill! Shoot-to-kill!

Allen Greenspan 8 months
God... must be nicer in Honduras than they let on. Used to rich US parents demanding buses

Helm 8 months
Strange news sources. So is this FAKE NEWS?

the terrible rabbit of death 8 months
so they are asylum shopping? thing is it does not work this way.

RandomusCuntikus 8 months
What is it called when you knowingly help someone commit an illegal act?

Jake Middleton 8 months
“Demand buses”? Hmm I wonder why the U.S doesn’t want to take in these wannabe invaders.

DKO 8 months
What a coincidence, there's a US Embassy in Mexico city, they could take a bus there and apply for asylum.

Illini Legatus 8 months
Over 100 of them have been kidnapped by the cartels already. Maybe go home.