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Ekitchi Hoshi 8 months
And now we now which science journals are BS... They need to shine a light on the mushroom people! At best this is a new type of solar pannel except it will not survive under the sun....

Johnny Cedar 8 months
Sounds Resourceful.

Justin Coplin 8 months
Not super practical, but cool still.

Korvin Carry 8 months
pretty sure someone ate one, then thought of this.

Mic Drop 8 months
The toads from the Mushroom Kingdom are in trouble.

Seth Racc 8 months
Better use than eating them

Joshua Brown 8 months
like the electricity thing in fallout new Vegas?

Politicality 8 months
Mushroom > Lemon > Potato

Billthekillerpug 8 months
yeah but does it get you off?

Hubert Żurawik 8 months
Now THIS is news! Awesome! ^^

Daddy Tito 8 months
Yeah but how much?
The Red Jester (Lucus gentile) 8 months
not a lot but in large numbers enough for emergencies. plus easily better for airible land.

pennydreadful 8 months
doesn't leave mushroom for doubt.
Joni Leppänen 8 months
Robert Balabaev 8 months
fuck you
O'Brien 8 months

Irish Dave 8 months
that's pretty neat!