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Billthekillerpug 3 months
here we go again, before the day is done it'll be about guns not the the sick bastard that pulled the trigger. either way, i feel bad for the families that lost anyone in this.
Clint Scoles 3 months
its about guns because people can't recognize crazy just by looking.
Adam Marceau 3 months
that retard chris Murphy after scolding the president about politicizing a tragedy is doing so before they even have body bags. calling for gun control obviously that they already have in CA because it worked so well in the tragedy he is currently politicizing
danielsan 3 months
Are we gonna talk about how almost every mass shooting is perpetrated by white males, most of whom have previous histories of domestic violence?

Armando Martinez 3 months
Mass shooters & suicide bombers have a few things in common: feeling victimized, a death wish, a desire to leave a mark as if they mattered (to be remembered), & mental illness. The bottomline is we need more mental health in this country. People (especially kids) need the tools to be able to handle their suicidal & homicidal tendencies when they are bullied or socially isolated. Cognitive therapy is an excellent tool for this. So many lives could be turned around (from drugs, from suicide, from murder) if people knew how to regulate their thoughts & emotions and when mental illness is treated. Mental health tools should be a mandatory part of the school curriculum from 4th grade on up. Yes, this will cost more money but we would save untold billions from loss of life, increased productivity, and quality of our social fabric would improve immensely.
Rome’s Ebonpyre 3 months
Perhaps I can contribute in saying that we should find some way to not give the infamy that many shooters frequently desire. But how can we go about that, I must ask...
Armando Martinez 3 months
@Rome Ebonpyre, Maybe the media should be barred from revealing the identity or face of the shooter. Just blur it out. If they can do this for minors, they can surely do it for mass murderers. Their Facebook posts & other social media should be immediately shut down. If they know they won't get any notoriety or credit for their actions, it takes a lot of their incentive away. But mainly, we should try to identify troubled kids before they get to this point & treat their dysfunction.
Corey Chosy 3 months
this comment right here is exactly what right! thank goodness someone else sees the need for the mental health stigma to end.

Jus Saying 3 months
The argument should be how could we have helped our soldiers more after being deployed. He was clearly not well, so I'm wondering what support he had for the military? These soldiers have gone to hell and back, some have seen friends killed right in front of them. Only to come home and see half the country hates them for what they did, having PTSD could tip someone over the edge.