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Paul Dixon 3 months
Ok lady you should just retire at the point. You’re old as dirt and broken ribs at your age isn’t good for you at all.
Adam A. 3 months
Broken ribs isn't good for anyone at any age, but point taken.
Puzzled Daily 3 months
It’s weird how we all pretend that justices are above partisan politics when it’s an obvious impossibility in practice, so you would think RBG would’ve stepped down before Obama left. I don’t get it. Ego? Addiction to the work? Patriotism? Crazy. You’d think she’d have other things in life she’d want to do.
Princess Pea 3 months
If they were immune to partisan politics, people wouldn't clamor for justices of their party.

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
This is one tough gal, I despise her position of forcing "progress" by legislating from the bench but I admire her "from my cold dead hands" determination.
DKO 3 months
Hate is a hell of a motivator!
Sullivas 3 months

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
She's powered by the souls of the unborn aborted under Roe v. Wade!
Gaz Matic 3 months
Fun fact. She said it was illegal. Also. . The woman that the case was about... Lied
Sullivas 3 months
Souls for the Empress!

Robert 3 months
I can respect that she is trying to hold on to her position until the next Liberal president, but she is now sacrificing her health to do it.
The Autarch 3 months
Yeah, there's no way she'll make it two more years, and that's assuming Trump doesn't win again in 2020. With her on the way out and no chance for congress to block another SCOTUS nomination, things are looking pretty good for the Republicans.
U. S. Marine 3 months
Yes, they do look good for Republicans.
Voice of Reason 3 months
He'll push the courts conservative for the next 30+ years at this rate.

Armando Martinez 3 months
She's tough. She may show up in an iron lung to court every day and live to be 120 just cuz...
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Some dem would probably volunteer a lung!
Thijs 3 months
They would probably donate beating hearts
Nicolas Uppal 3 months
Lungs and hearts stolen from Gazans

Smasher Devourer 3 months
she should of retired before Obama left. smh they were so sure Clinton was going to win lol.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Pride before the fall.
Aight Bradley 3 months
Maybe it was rigged? All I know is a lot of Clinton's enemies die from "suicide" by several bullets through the back of the head...
Nikolas Brady 3 months
Well we saw what happened when a seat opened up late in Obama's presidency with Garland, I would guess that Republicans would have blocked a replacement for Ginsberg as well if it was late in his term.

Illini Legatus 3 months
She's gonna kill herself trying to keep going. At her age she should be taking it easy.

Zk “Zk” AY 3 months
she's falling in love with the idea that Trump gets 3 picks to the supreme Court. Fall again ancient one!
Josh Ya 3 months
I wasn't aware he was limited to 3.
Ricco 3 months
Ah yes wishing harm to your opponents, how classy...
Gordon 3 months
To be fair Rocco, I wish them plenty of harm so I can’t get mad. I hope I see a second civil war in my lifetime. It would be better than continuing to half-heartedly exist in a crumbling society with these people.

AD C 3 months
The Democrats win back the house and then this happens. And if I recall right Republicans are actually gaining of a few seats in the Senate so that would make it even more likely for a conservative judge to be pushed through if the spot on the supreme Court opens up.

Frank Zolchak (FZiii) 3 months
Everyone should just calm down . She is going to be still on the bench for some time yet. Even if the people who see her in their party have to prop her up like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

AD C 3 months
People on the left just had their House victory parade rained on.

Sen Elizabeth Warren 3 months
uh oh I smell trouble with a capital T! (Trump) another conservative supreme court judge coming our way.......hear that? that's the sound of me urinating in my pants!
TheFourth Percent 3 months
Julian 3 months

Jason J Mitchell 3 months
Please please please retire!

Anda lus 3 months

Voice of Reason 3 months
Looks like Trump is going to need to look for another Supreme Court nominee soon.

Lavose 3 months
just waiting for the left to make the claim that she was pushed by Russian bots to fulfil an agenda.

"My taxes went up" Jez 3 months
Are they now making a space for the next Trump pick? Lol. Perhaps Brett was not as drunk as usual and she couldn't escape to the bathroom.
Daddy Tito 3 months
So if he’s actually a serial rapist why did you guys stop investigating him? Makes me think it was a cheap political ploy to prevent him from being confirmed but of course that can’t be it because I #believeallwamen.
Adam Marceau 3 months
daddy it is a obvious joke.... besides that the other 3 have all recanted and are being investigated for lying to Congress and the first one that testified has not just 0 evidence but all the supposed witnesses said that the party she described never happened let alone the incident
"My taxes went up" Jez 3 months
Daddy-Oh! Greetings. I think that was down to a week long investigation that only lasted 3 days, didn't interview the accused or the accuser and was a total farce. 😂

david toh 3 months
trump's next pick gotta be a queer black female that identifies as a robot to stand a chance.
Gaz Matic 3 months
Nope. He has no reason to cowtow to liberals. He has the senate
Donyboom 3 months
Yeah pick a conservative female judge and watch them dems call her every nasty name under the sun.

flinx101 3 months
time for another conservative to shine

Richard Lozano 3 months
The Republicans (who work for the wealthy) already control the Supreme Court, but it is noble that she's trying to hold on for two more years until a Democrat becomes president. I for one pray for her!
P S 3 months
just Republicans, huh? come out of your trench, you're dug in too deep.
Aussie Aunty 3 months
Richard, both the Democrats and Republicans work for the wealthy because they are money/power hungry shills. Trump is one of the few politicians who is actually trying to fix the problems in America and hold the Establishment to account
Jan 3 months
Ah, good old special pleading. Trump is just as corrupt but he isn't a politician. He just plays one on TV.