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U WOT M8 4 days
What the fuck. I hope someone shares the public info of his employees.

M.Twain 4 days
With all of Kemp's dirty tricks, he can barely get 50%. When controlling the process he was not very effective, does not bode well for his ability to get the job done.

Justin Coplin 3 days
The fact that it's such a close race after the whole hacking debacle makes me suspicious.

Guess Who 3 days
sore fat loser
Lucky Lucy Ricardo 3 days
What a disgusting thing to say. Shame on you!
Guess Who 3 days
sorry but I never lie, and always tell it the way it is.
Lee Lee 3 days
Hello “Guess Who”: the providers of this app asked for decency and civility. Those of us who wish to engage in thoughtful, intelligent conversation would very much appreciate your silence until such time as you can post civil, considered comments. Thank you.

Rome’s Ebonpyre 4 days

Lucky Lucy Ricardo 3 days
Crooked Brian Kemp! I hope Ms. Abrams doesn't concede until ALL votes are accounted for.

The Masta 3 days
The didn't count all the votes yet and she already wants a recount? While they on it,make them check if all the people that vote for her are alive and legal

Illini Legatus 2 days
Of course she won't concede. She's a butthurt racist race-baiter.