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Lord Flasheart 3 days
10 years ago when a woman was put in a high power position, i didn't think any more about it. Thanks to recent equality talks I now wonder, is she the best person for the job or just the best woman for the job? Well done 2018 feminism.
Jus Saying 3 days
Totally agree man, which is a sad way the world has become.
applejuice 3 days
I was thinking the same thing

ReWired Ramen 3 days
Yeah but how dank are her memes?

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 days
"Her vagina is all the qualification required, I'm with her!" - NPC3721
NPC #9273635 2 days
yeah my brother knows what's up
O'Brien 2 days
#3635 love your humor upgrade.

Robert 4 days
I expected it wouldn't take too long for him to get the boot when he started going against mainstream media.

Free Speech 4 days
You can replace the CEO. But you'll, never replace Musk.
DKO 4 days
Musk is still the CEO. He just lost the chairman position.

Glenn Fozard 4 days
Go you Aussie star!

Guess Who 3 days
they should have gave her a chance to wipe that booger off her face just below her nose before taking her picture.

Andre Gerard 3 days
Tesla going down the drain in 3,2,1...

TheBornOfFire 4 days
being replaced by a chair, that's obviously a dig at his abilities, what cards they are :-D

TheeSabin Yesterday
seems like she has been with the company since the beginning.

kitsapgeoduck 2 days
Because.... woman?

Azrily 4 days
What did musk do?
Lord Baktor 3 days
Basically he shared dank memes, took a hit of a joint on Joe Rogan's podcast and refused to step in line and bow to the mainstream media narrative.
O'Brien 2 days
Elon dindu nuthin

Blake R 23 hours
rip elon musk

Keanu Coetzee 10 hours
This will be a crutial time for Tesla as well as most of the human race. Will she pander to the stock market and drive the company very slowly down a hill or will she stick to the ideal that Musk as set? Will she be just a promotion based on her Gender or will she outshine and drive Tesla to greater hights? All this remains to be seen...