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Illini Legatus 9 months
Vaping and legal weed. What the hell would you want tobacco for?
RebornZA 9 months
Amen dude!
DKO 9 months
Meanwhile, in another story... FDA just announced it would ban flavored vapes. Can't let the tobacco industry take such a loss in profits!
MightyMargulis 9 months
to look cool, and im super addicted

Aight Bradley 9 months
So they switched to vaping, then?
Mr. Spartacus 9 months
Analog vrs electronic I guess
Billthekillerpug 9 months
either vaping or cold turkey. vaping helped me stop.

MightyMargulis 9 months
yet obesity rages, still no anti fat adds.
Mr. Spartacus 9 months
But that would hurt people’s feel bads

Guess Who 9 months