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Honolulu resort evacuated as armed suspect barricaded inside room

Honolulu resort evacuated as armed suspect barricaded inside room

Hundreds of staff and guests at a Honolulu resort hotel were evacuated Saturday night while an allegedly armed suspect remained barricaded inside a room on the fourth floor. There were no reports of any injuries at the Kahala Resort & Hotel. The suspect allegedly fired several shots through his door while hotel staffers were in the hallway. The suspect was described as a member of the military.

Unity.Nat 3 weeks

But guns bad. No weapons were allowed on the resort grounds. So why are they breaking the law?

Neutral 3 weeks

I would like to know if this individual had purchased the fire arm legally and passed all background checks that were required. I would also be interested as to weather the weapon of choice is a "ghost gun" and if this individual had health insurance covering mental health care services. It may be insightful to know if any family members knew of this individuals mental decline. If we are going to make news laws to reinforce existing laws I would be interested to see where these would have helped, but hey that's probably not news worthy.😑

Bogdan Buda
Bogdan Buda 3 weeks

good. you know where he is.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

Another state with extremely strict gun laws. On islands in the middle of nowhere. Yet criminals still get guns and break the law🤔

Charles 3 weeks

He must have been cleaning his knife and it went off

Randall 3 weeks

Let's have more guns for everyone! Edit: /sarc

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