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Jus Saying 3 months
I'm interested on how this will look, it seems like you'll be paying for packages, which i think will make it more expensive that Netflix. Same as Foxtel streaming in Australia.

The Master 3 months
no one wants this. they thought star wars would make it work but thats a flop. and worst yet they sold streaming rights to star wars and did not tell the new streaming group so they can not have the old star wars people want.
Nika D 3 months
I have 6 kids and even I don’t want Disney in my home. And I grew up as a huge Disney fan.
T T 3 months
There's a few more classic movies that I'll share with my kids, but the television shows and quite a few of the recent movies have all sorts of negative messaging...a lot of unhealthy families with lying children fooling idiot parents, inappropriate relationships, etc.

Justin Kidd 3 months
So weird how much money Disney makes turning everything into garbage.

Johnny Cedar 3 months
Seems like every company now has to have some sort of premium, subscription based kind of thing. Can't wait for the death of television.