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Illini Legatus 6 months
This is gonna be fun to watch.

Heart Of Gold 6 months
He must think Pelosi will louse up the job.

SimonR 6 months
If she snubs him, she will lose 😂

Sen Elizabeth Warren 6 months
Pelosi is toxic as a representative! the right hate her and Trump will never negotiate with her if he thinks she'll run against him in 2020....any concessions he gives will make him look weak and Pelosi look he won't negotiate and millions of people will suffer the consequences...she needs to fade to the background and allow someone with no presidential aspirations to take the lead..... someone the right tolerates.
Michael Hedderson 6 months
@Sen. Elizabeth Warren. So Senator, you're suggesting that the Right should not only choose their own people, but also those on the opposite side? Sorry Poky, that's not how this works, it's not how any of this works. Their side gets no say in who negotiates with them, they just gotta deal. The imperative is on them to get stuff passed, so now they gotta show their versatility. If it's your chum Pelosi, then it's Pelosi.
Sen Elizabeth Warren 6 months
Michael chumby chum chum cheroo! guess that means no deal slick! no dice buddy! ... if people want to negotiate for something you have YOU get to choose the negotiator.. Trump has something we want. sorry Mickey that's how it works that's how it is!
Michael Hedderson 6 months
@Haha, nooo. The Republicans are the government in power. They are the ones elected to see their agenda put through Congress, not the Dems. It is they that stand to lose the most. And the opposition party control one of the Chambers of Congress. So, they better buckle up and have a strategy or their agenda is going to the toilet. Anyway, you should be happy Poky! You got 6.5 million more votes than them this round... In a midterm! 2020 is looking all ends up for you!

Illini Legatus 6 months
Pelosi's gotta protect those kickbacks.

M.Twain 6 months
Trump's endorsement and a nickel will get you nothing. Both parties need new blood in leadership.

theLifeOf 6 months
Pelosi. Smart enough to know she needs to convince moderates of her bs, dumb enough to take Obama care.