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Will Nevertell 7 months
no words from a traitorous clown can Unite this country.

DBHL 7 months
This “woman” is a disgusting person. Just go away please. No one cares what you think or who you won’t forgive. Your husband was the worst president ever
CC_bd92 7 months
Barack Osama was pretty awful, but Jimmy Carter shut down all the mental hospitals and left their occupants to roam the streets.

K-9 7 months
They won't, her book is going to cause more turmoil and hatred in the country.

AdamS 7 months
"I pray Michelle Obama's words will unite country"... against our president. He left that part off, lol

theLifeOf 7 months
“But her book!”. Trump has been the best thing for Democrat book sales.

Illini Legatus 7 months
I pray this douche bag will shut up and go to jail.