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American faces imprisonment in Dubai for having smoked marijuana in USA

American faces imprisonment in Dubai for having smoked marijuana in USA

An American who was admitted to a Dubai hospital after suffering a pancreatic attack is facing a jail term of up to three years after traces of marijuana were detected in his bloodstream. Peter Clark, 51, reportedly smoked recreational marijuana in Las Vegas before flying over to Dubai. He awaits his sentencing in a hotel.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

Never go to backward countries and don't let them in your country. Pat Buchanan was right the entire time since the 80's. If only we followed his lead this country would be so much better.

Chad 4 weeks

#itsjustweedsoSTFU. Spread this hashishtag all over the globe. It’s time anti-cannabis people pay their fellow humans compensation for their unjust and unscientific persecution of this holy plant.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 weeks

Wasn't there a movie about getting caught smuggling drugs in turkey a few decades ago? Other countries have strict laws they strongly enforce!

Glen 4 weeks

I guess some laws are met to be followed in other parts of the world.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 4 weeks

I'm waiting to see how all the America hating liberals spin this one to blame thd US.

Cole. 4 weeks

Never going to Dubai thats just weird why yall testing p?

Seekster 4 weeks

When you go to a country you are subject to the laws of that country.

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