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The Shameless republican 4 months
well, I don't care who it is, anyone committing voter fraud need to be punished, so punish the person who actually admitted to it.
Remys Bayou 4 months
damn skippy should be considered treason.
Otto Eduard Leopold 4 months
same with voter suppression and overt partisan gerrymandering like Pennsylvania and Maryland. All three runs counter to American ideals.
Daddy Tito 4 months
Otto I think there are 48 other states you left off that list.

Vault Tec USA 4 months
Its not really a miscount its that the results were so close for at least, the governor election, like a fraction of a percentage that it needs to be re-done despite how annoying it is honestly
dan burkhart 4 months
if it were "honestly", I wouldn't see a problem. I think that the integrity of the elected voting office has been destroyed beyond any honesty coming out of it.
Vault Tec USA 4 months
What reasoning do you have though on a more local level of government? I understand what you're saying though after the 2016 election craziness how can we trust our votes are really being counted. Like how the Dems literally fudged they're primary election just for Clinton, then told all there voters who wanted Bernie to get over it, how can you do that to people its messed up. I'm just giving a reasoning to this craziness in Florida.
Jesse McCree 4 months
I would be ok with the recount if it weren't for Broward County's election commission being so damn corrupt. I'm a lifelong Floridian. It was annoying back in 2000. I don't want to see it happen like that again. But it's happening again... in 2018.